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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dan will be performing at the WYSIWYG Talent Show in NYC tonight

If you're in New York City and are a fan of Dan (Miami), you can catch a performance that he'll be doing for the WYSIWYG Talent Show.

In the show, he'll be reading material he posts over at his blog.

The show is tonight at 8:00PM. It's at the at the Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery @ Bleecker). Tickets are $7 and the doors open at 7:30.

Inside Pulse is counting down the Seven Deadly Days of the Real World Denver

Our pals over at Inside Pulse are counting down the "Seven Deadly Days of The Real World: Denver." You can go over to their site this week and see what deadly sin the Denver cast has broken so far this season.

In addition to that special little feature, they also are going to debut running commentary from everyone's favorite Key West castmember Tyler. Tyler is still hard at work on his blog, which he updates rather frequently. So, be sure to check those things out as well.

Don't forget, an episode of the Real World: Denver airs tonight!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Denver Preview: Fight between Jenn and Tyrie centers attention towards Tyrie

"Blindfolding! Spanking! Girls Gone Angry! Too much fun in one night
leads Jenn into a drunken, mascara-smearing tirade, with Tyrie again
involved and at the forefront of said anger. Are you noticing a trend?
Watch Jenn get her beef on this and every Thursday at 10pm, only on MTV."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Duel Episode #9: Eric faces the music and picks Brad; The CT/Diem relationship heats up

This past episode of the Duel saw the group trying to rise against the powerful force of CT (Paris). The episode begins with the guys conspiring to oust CT by allowing Eric (Fresh Meat) to go into the Duel. Eric and Brad (San Diego) start the episode with strategizing over the Duel. It seems like the two are in somewhat of a mutual understanding that may transfer to somewhat of an alliance. Or is this just foreshadowing for something that will happen later on in the episode?

Meanwhile, the flirtation between CT (Paris) and Diem (Fresh Meat) seems to be getting hot and heavy. The two are flirting with CT wanting a kiss, but Diem holding out. Then we hear about how Diem wants to keep CT around because the two are getting close. The box stacking mission, trying to grab a flag that's high up by stacking crates. It's actually done in two heats and Evan and Jodi (Extreme) win the first heat. The second heat has Eric and Aneesa (Chicago) trying to beat Wes (Austin) and Svetlana's (Key West) for the lead. Wes and Svetlana knock down all the boxes and fail, but Aneesa and Eric actually get extremely close, but miss the flag.

This sends the chain to leave Eric as one of the last to be picked. Eric picks Brad, his supposed ally, to go into the Duel with him. Everybody thought that Eric would have to pick CT, because CT is the alpha male to be feared amongst the contestants in the Duel. Eric picks Brad and they get the Pole Wrestle Challenge. Brad comes through victorious and pulls off an upset. Eric is sent home, only leaving four male castmembers: Brad, CT, Evan and Wes.