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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Cameran joins the San Diego cast while the location of the house is revealed

Obviously, the site is back to its old self! Good... a few changes, but no big differences.

New news... Apparently, an area newspaper is reporting that Cameran will be a part of the San Diego cast this coming January. It's an interesting article that's located at this link. It also has a picture. Also, Real World Houses, a very good website, has pictures of the San Diego house which is located at the following address:

4922 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92106-2306

Thanks to AJ and Wayne for that information.

That's it for today!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Rachel and Kit tries out for a spot on ABC's The View; Mallory and Ace are dating; San Diego is filming

I apologize for the sporatic updates... New news... In addition to Rachel (San Francisco) trying out for the fifth chair on ABCs hormonal chatfest, The View... Kit (USA - Tour 1) will also be taking a stab at it. Yes, other Real World/Road Rules alumni are taking a stab at the chair, just like last time around (Lindsay (Seattle)). While Rachel will be on the show next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, Kit will be on September 10th and 11th. Also of MTV fame, Kennedy, a former VJ, will be trying out on September 17th and 18th. Good luck to them! We'll notify you of their appearances and any way that you can turn out and support them!

Also, Kristin on E-Online posts some interesting news... First, Mallory and Ace (Paris) are now an item. Mallory has been spotted for weeks in Statesboro hanging out with Ace... And just like Kate, Ace's girlfriend on the show, Ace has been heard spouting out that our pal Mal seems to be "the one". And we're not talking about the Matrix. She also reports that San Diego has begun filming... But some interesting information... Apparently, South Pacific is doing amazingly well in the ratings department... Even better than the Paris season... (No surprise, as the Real World fell out of the Top 10 this year with decline in the ratings of the Osbournes.) So the casting people who did South Pacific will be doing San Diego... And that a new guy will be taking America by storm on San Diego this season... Word is that his name is Billy... We can't confirm this yet, but we'll see once the season premieres.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Adam was arrested in Ace's hometown; E!'s True Hollywood Story aired last night;

We are still working hard to get the site back online...

In Real World related news, Adam (Paris) was recently arrested in Statesboro, Georgia... Ace's hometown. For the past few weeks, several castmembers including Leah, Adam, and Mallory have been seen in Statesboro. Go to the Smoking Gun to see details and the mug shot (which Adam seems to be in unsual high spirits...)

The E! True Hollywood Story aired last night. Thoroughly enjoyable... Especially since it brought memories of the first few seasons. They focused much more on the documentary style of the series, instead of the newer format the show has taken on... I was also surprised to see Bonnie Burton, a goddess in the website circles, narrating much of the story... Bonnie was the first to start the Real World and Road Rules websites... And basically, our presence is due to Bonnie's early work. They also revealed some interesting viewpoints of things that happened. (IE. The Miami cast talking about the shower incident. Norman and Beth S.' perspective on the 10th Anniversary Takeover. And Julie's brush with death on September 11th. If you missed it... Try to catch some re-runs!