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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Challenge Spoilers: A potential new cast list has been leaked for next season!

A potential cast list has been floated out there for this upcoming Challenge. Challenge lists are not typically leaked this early. In addition, the cast is still active on Twitter. This list is subject to change. But here's the list:

Alton (Las Vegas)
Chet (Brooklyn) @chet_cannon
CJ (Cancun) @CJKoegelMTV
Danny (Austin)
Derek (Cancun) @DerekRW22
Dunbar (Sydney) @DunbarMerrill
Dustin (Las Vegas) @DustinZito
Frank (San Diego) @MTVFrankSweeney
Issac (Sydney) @DrIsaacStout
JD (Brooklyn) @JDOrdonez
Knight (New Orleans) @Knight_MTV
Preston (New Orleans) @PrestoMagic24
Robb (St. Thomas) @RobbMTV
Trey (St. Thomas) @MTVTrey
Wes (Austin) @BergmannWes
Zach (San Diego) @ZachMTV
Ashli (Sydney) @AshliRobson
Ashley (San Diego) @AshleyMarieMTV
Devyn (Brooklyn) @DevynSimone
Jasmine (Cancun) @JazMTV
Jemmye (New Orleans) @JustJem24
Jonna (Cancun) @JonnaMannion
Kelly Anne (Sydney) @KellyAnneJudd
Lacey (Austin)
Laura (St. Thomas) @LauraLeeMTV
Marie (St. Thomas) @MarieMTV
McKenzie (New Orleans) @McKenzieCoburn
Melinda (Austin) @MelindaStolp
Nany (Las Vegas) @NanyMTV
Sam (San Diego) @SamIAmMTV
Sarah (Brooklyn) @Sarah_Rice
Trishelle (Las Vegas) @TrishelleC

Check back for updated information as we get more spoilers on the cast!

Some tidbits that make this cast list interesting, post your observations in the comments section!
  • There are 32 challengers. 
  • There are only Real World castmembers represented. 
  • There are eight cities represented in the cast:  Austin, Brooklyn, Cancun, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Diego, St. Thomas, Sydney
  • There are two males and two females represented in each season. 
  • Frank (San Diego), Knight (New Orleans), Preston (New Orleans), Robb (St. Thomas), Trey (St. Thomas), and Zach (San Diego) are Challenge virgins. 
  • Ashley (San Diego), Devyn (Brooklyn), Jemmye (New Orleans), Lacey (Austin), Laura (St. Thomas), Marie (St. Thomas), McKenzie (New Orleans), Nany (Las Vegas), Sam (San Diego) are female Challenge virgins. 
  • Nearly half of the cast has never been on a Challenge. 
  • Enemies last time we saw them: Ashley/Zach & Frank/Sam (San Diego); JD & Sarah (Brooklyn); Danny & Melinda (Austin)
  • Couples last time we saw them: Ashley & Zach (San Diego), Knight & Jemmye (New Orleans)
  • Past winners: Alton (Gauntlet 2), Wes (Duel), Dunbar (Cutthroat)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mark will host TV Guide Channel's "Hottest Celebrity Bods"

Mark (USA Tour 1) will be hitting your TV screens this coming Monday. 

Mark Long - Road Rules (USA Tour 1)
Mark is hosting TVGuide Channel's Hottest Celebrity Bods for 2012. The show will air this coming Monday at 9PM. Congratulations Mark!

Tami is appearing on the Wendy Williams show today

Former Real World: Los Angeles castmember Tami will be making an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show today.

Talk show host Wendy Williams
Tami will appear to talk about her VH1 show, Basketball Wives. This will be her first appearance on the show. They might talk about The Real World, but it's highly doubtful. Check your local listings for showtimes.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Real World: St. Thomas Trailer is now online!

Watch the Real World: St. Thomas trailer, which first premiered online earlier tonight! Watch as we get the first glimpse of Brandon, LaToya, Laura, Marie, Robb, Trey, and Swift.

The season airs Wednesday, June 27, 10pm on MTV.

Watch the Real World: St. Thomas Trailer on MTV

The Real World: St. Thomas trailer premiered on MTV tonight. The season premieres on June 27. 

(From L to R): Trey, Brandon, LaToya, Marie, Robb, Laura, and Swift
The trailer first appeared online after MTV's "Ridiculousness." This story is pending. It also looks like MTV is updating their website.

Follow The Real World: St. Thomas cast on Twitter

The Real World: St. Thomas trailer just premiered tonight on MTV!

Take this opportunity to follow the castmembers on Twitter. All seven strangers have opened accounts to interact and talk with fans as the new season nears.

Brandon: @FaithinRuins
LaToya: @LaToyaJMTV
Laura: @LauraLeeMTV
Marie: @MarieMTV
Robb: @RobbMTV
Swift: @BSwiftMTV
Trey: @MTVTrey

Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @rwrrblog!