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Thursday, March 22, 2007

BMP announces casting call cities for the 20th season of Real World and 15th season of Road Rules

BMP has announced a huge round of casting for the 20th season of The Real World and the 15th season of Road Rules. Last week, BMP called for 18-to-24 year-olds with lofty ambitions for their new season of The Real World, which will be a landmark for the series.

The following cities have been announced for casting calls:


Zuma Grill
605 S. Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281

Buffalo Billiards
154 Second Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37201

Rivercenter Comedy Club (At Rivercenter Mall)
849 E. Commerce
Suite 893
San Antonio, TX. 78205

11am to 6pm

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
740 N Plankinton Ave # 1
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Harry’s Restaurant and Bar
2144 Market St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

The Russell House Ballroom
1400 Greene St.
Russell House 227
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

10am to 5pm

Ned Devine’s
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy Market Building
Boston, MA 02109

Panini’s Bar and Grill
1716 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

Nore cities are to be announced soon.

It's Road Rules Week over at Inside Pulse; Interviews to come later on in the week

Over at Inside Pulse, they are celebrating the return of Road Rules with what they are calling "Road Rules Week". If you're familiar with Inside Pulse, you know that they have weekly recaps with various alumni giving commentary on the latest episodes of Road Rules and the Challenges.

This week, they'll be doing various stories on this season of Road Rules and they'll be topping it off with various interviews with members of the alumni and Pit Crew casts.

To check it out, look at their introduction blog. They'll be posting the new interviews beginning tomorrow, so be sure to check on in when you can.

Tonya, Syrus, Ace, and Cameran have all gone wild

Former alumni Tonya (Chicago), Syrus (Boston), Ace (Paris) and Cameran (San Diego) have all taken the plunge and have Gone Wild. The foursome are a part of a series of DVDs from the creators of Girls Gone Wild called "Wild World".

In fact, if you go to the Girls Gone Wild website, the four are on the front page with Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis promoting the latest DVDs to hit stores.

THe link is obviously NSFW, but there's no word to if any of the alumni actually participate in any craziness that these videos are famous for. Cameran is on the front page of the website, however, holding an energy drink, but she is fully clothed.

Viewers Revenge #8: Shane and Angel exit, Dan and Tori break it off, the Roadies win again

This week on Road Rules, we find out that Angel (Viewers Revenge) and Shane (Campus Crawl) are in for a doozy, as they both have to team up together to defend their spots on the RV. David (Viewers Revenge) and Susie (Australia) are this week's top vote-getters. Both teams seem to be unhappy with the situation. Angel doesn't like the fact that she's teamed up with someone who voted her into the Pit. Susie and David both mention that they don't like each other very much.

when the teams get their Pit Battle, it becomes pretty evident that David and Susie are going to take the prize. They are the bigger team. The Pit Battle was basically a reverse tug-of-war. The teams had to get two flags at the end of the Elimination Arena. David and Susie easily dragged Shane and Angel across the floor. They win the spot on the RV.

The team seems happy to see Susie again, and even though another Pit Crew member comes walking through the door of the RV, they also seem to welcome David with open arms. The team gets their clue and they're going to be doing something with the marines.

Before going to their next mission, we see yet another Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Tori (Viewers Revenge) moment when the two are flirting over the blogs. This sets the stage for a little something that happens later in the episode. The Roadies make it to their mission and they find out that they're going to have to act as Mountain Rescuers. They have to save a dummy that was submerged by an avalanche. They have to do it within an allotted time limit.

The Roadies do it well enough, but they seem to be at an impasse when they are asked to jump in freezing cold water for the last part of their mission. The guys all volunteer to do it, but at least one girl needs to do it, in order to pass the mission. Tori volunteers and she's able to do it with almost no problem. The Roadies pass their mission.

Later that day, Susie and Dan get into a discussion about women and flirtation. Dan makes generalizing comments about how women tease when they flirt, and he directs them at Tori. This makes Tori angry and the two discuss their relationship. Tori admits that they flirt, but she doesn't want to be anymore than friends. She attempts to make this clear to him. Tori says how she doesn't like how the two have been paired together on this entire trip.

Later, the group decides who should go to the Pit. Dan, realizing that it's his turn to go, volunteers himself for the Pit. Tori wishes him good luck and hopes that he will return.

Denver Episode #20: Tyrie gets arrested and Jenn gets burned

This episode dealt with the aftermath of the Tyrie (Denver)/Jazalle incident. If you were watching last week, Tyrie was getting into a heated confrontation with Jazalle in the bathroom. Editors made it look like Tyrie could have gotten hauled off because of the altercation with her. Turns out, Tyrie was hauled off for much less.

After confronting Jazalle, Tyrie left the house angry and tried to cool off by walking down the street. Stephen (Denver) actually followed him and told him to cool it. Stephen was concerned because Denver Police had gathered outside the house after seeing Tyrie and Jazalle argue.

After cooling off, Tyrie decided to go urinate on the fence outside the house. The cops saw him. Tyrie was arrested for urinating in public. Jazalle seemed to be a little dazed from what happened, but the two were pretty much still together.

The next day, when Alex (Denver) and Stephen go to pick up Tyrie, he mentions that he no longer knows what he's doing in Denver. He might be wasting his time there. Tyrie calls his father, who doesn't have too much sympathy for him. His father reminds him how difficult it will be to explain this ordeal to his constituents in 10 or 15 years.

Meanwhile, Jenn (Denver) is still wrapping things up with her boyfriend, Jared. Jenn ended up flirting more and more with Darnell, especially after she found out that Jared was kissing other girls. Jenn decides that the two aren't in a relationship and she decides to "not give a damn." Darnell actually asks Alex if it's okay for him to hook-up with Jenn. Alex more than happily obliges. Jenn and Darnell end up sleeping together. The next day, Darnell talks about how the hook-up was short-lived, but he could die a happy man, because he slept with a Raiderette.

Quickly back to Tyrie and Jazalle, who have seemed to made up and are having dinner at a local restaurant. The two seem to have gotten over their drama and have decided to work things out because they love each other. Tyrie knows that he messed up, especially since Jazalle is afraid of aggressive men. Tyrie still leaves his future in Denver up in the air however.

Next week: Stephen confronts Colie (Denver) and Tyrie confronts his decision to leave.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Post your reactions here: Shane and Angel go into the Pit and we may have two new Roadies

This week Shane (Campus Crawl) and Angel (Viewers Revenge) have both been sent into the Pit. So, this week, we'll have two Pit Battles. Will Monte (Viewers Revenge) go against Shane this week? Will Monte finally come up strong in a Pit Battle? Will Susie (Australia) return to earn her spot on the RV again? Will Angel rightfully earn her place on the RV? Will the Roadies fail yet another mission? Who will be sent to the Pit? Post your reactions here!

Post your reactions here: Tyrie gets thrown in the slammer

Last week, we were left pondering Tyrie's (Denver) fate after he and Jazalle were in a heated argument in the bathroom. When Jenn (Denver) saw how Tyrie was treating Jazalle, she went in to save the day. We'll see how the situation pans out. However, the preview already showed that both cops and handcuffs are involved. Will Tyrie be sent to jail? Post your comments and reactions here.