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Monday, December 31, 2001

We have the first few rumored castmembers for the Battle of the Seasons

Happy New Year! It's only an hour and a half until 2002 here on the west coast! And here we are bringing you a special news update on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Yes, BMP did film a fifth installment of the Challenge, coming after the Rachel (San Francisco)/Sean (Boston) hookup on All Stars, Playboy antics of the first Challenge crew, fighting fits of Piggy (Australia) and Los (USA Tour 1) on 2000, and the Ayanna (Semester at Sea) booting on the Extreme, this new challenge, simply called the Real World/Road Rules Challenge promises to be a kicker.

To be premiered sometime in January, airing opposite of the Real World: Chicago, Challenge has 40 Real World and Road Rules castmembers hitting it up in Mexico. It's unclear of the offical rules of the challenge, but each season will be represented by a team of two. Each team will compete against each other for a cash prize of $1,000,000, the biggest booty BMP has ever put up. Who will win? Stay tuned.

Confirmed cast members are:
Heather, Norman (New York)
Jo, Puck (San Francisco)
Flora, Mike (Miami)
Stephen, Lindsay (Seattle)
Chadwick, Christina (Australia)
Veronica, Yes (SAS)
Holly, Theo (MVT)

There are a whole bunch of other RUMORED cast members, but these are confirmed sign-ons. More to come soon. MTV plans to debut this newbie sometime this month. Oh, yeah... if you have info, cuz we know you do! email us at Thanks guys! Have a good New Year! 2002!

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Cast profiles for Chicago released; 9/11 may be profiled on the show

Hey! Told you we'd be back! Here's the news on the Real World Chicago! Trust me, it'll be a wild ride unlike the Real World has ever seen.

The cast:

Aneesa: A 19-year-old from Philadelphia. Her father is black and her mother is Jewish. She's described as a lesbian trying to find her place in the world.

Cara: A 22-year-old from Boston. A middle child of upper-middle-class Jewish parents, she's a student from Washington University in St. Louis.

Chris: A 23-year-old from Brockton, Mass. He's a gay recovering alcoholic who's been sober for eight months and regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Kyle: A 22-year-old from Lake Bluff, Ill. An all-American golden boy with good looks and athletic ability. Princeton University student.

Keri: A 21-year-old from New Orleans. A southern blonde with a seemingly limitless circle of friends and acquaintances. She grew up on a farm in the Louisiana and her family is deeply rooted in Louisiana culture and politics.

Theo: A 19-year-old from Riverside, Calif. An African-America son of a pastor who is a ladies man. His move to Chicago is the first time he's lived in a diverse environment.

Tonya: A 21-year-old from Walla Walla, Wash. A blond-haired, blue-eyed woman with a "Baywatch body." Neglected by her mother, she grew up in the foster care system.

While in Chicago, the cast worked at Piece (a restaurant), a beach, and a newspaper. It is unclear why they worked at different places, whether they were given jobs this year or whatnot, so we'll see what BMP will show. Also, the cast was filming during 9/11, so I'm sure you'll see something about that, because the Sears Tower in Chicago was evacuated that day, and there was widespread panic in the city. Also, if you haven't heard... filming began with trouble.

Supposedly, the day the Real Worlders moved in, a shooting occured in front of the loft. Attention was brought to the Real World house because of the Chicago Sun-Times reporting the address of the loft in the newspaper. Protests begun to kick the Real Worlders out. Things happened from there, cast members were offered the chance to leave the show for next season. We'll see what happens, but I'm sure it'll be a great season. More later. Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

The Blog makes it onto Blogger; Sarah from the Real World Miami spotted at a Britney Spears concert

Welcome! To the Real World Road! Our first ever venture into the territory of blog. Bare with us as initial changes are still taking place. All of the information that was once on the old site can still be seen! No worry! Click Here for pre-Blogger bliss!

Yes! It's true! We've switched to Blogger! Well, we thought that the Blogger stuff looked spiffy so here we are. A lot easier to update I must say! First thing's first: The Real World Chi-Town! More dish to come later including lesbian love affairs, the hatred of Theo, Chris' wild love affairs, and the second inter-cast member relationship since Hawaii??? Stay tuned! You won't want to miss this!

Here's the dish on our very first sighting! It comes from Mallory who spotted Sarah from the Real World: Miami!

"I was at the Britney Spears concert last night in Philadelphia, and after my two friends and I got out tickets scanned, we walked into the lobby and my friend goes "Oh man..Is is!" It was Sarah from Real World Miami selling glowsticks! So we stood there like idiots and stared at her, and she saw us and she mouths "Yes it's me..It was a long time ago." We were amazed! We came back a little later to buy glowsticks from her because we felt bad for gaping at her, but she was so cool about it. We talked for a little while and she said it was funny how only the older teenagers (seniors in highschool, like us) and younger moms only recognize her and their kids are like "who is this chick?". She was really cool and she also gave us some background info on the concert. Not backstage passes or anything, but it was till cool. She's so nice and looks just the same! Hey - I'm definitely going to keep that glowstick!"

Thanks Mallory! More to come soon guys! Hold tight!

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Casting for Road Rules 11 and Road Rules 12 is underway; New art for New Orleans cast is available

Hello! Hello! BMP is NOW accepting videos for
Road Rules 11 and Real World 12. Location is already decided upon,
but has not yet been released. The four locations, announced by a BMP
spokesperson, for Real World 12 were Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia,
and Las Vegas. Las Vegas was the front runner. And probably because
of what has happened in Chicago, Las Vegas will be picked, because
the kids are most likely not to be bothered in Las Vegas, where there
is filming all the time. If you might remember, Las Vegas has been considered
since Boston. Hawaii's original location was Las Vegas but for
some reason, it was quickly changed last minute. Also, there are only 11 spots open instead
of the usual 13, because two of the original Chicago cast members dropped
out of RW12 because of the shootings. Submit Your Tape at:

Attn: Real World/ Road Rules Casting

6007 Sepulveda Blvd.

Van Nuys, CA 91411

No open calls have been announced or deadlines have been set. Good Luck to those
who apply.

Lionel Milton, who you saw on the RW New Orleans as Melissa's artist friend,
still loves the Real World. He made computer shot-outs that look awesome.
Visit his site to send a shot-out to your
closest friends.

Monday, August 27, 2001

Rumors about the Battle of the Seasons cast; Chicago collage to showcase the new cast

What's going on? Yes! News two days in a row! OK! Here goes nothing. I've been searching around on sites of Real World Chicago pics. I formulated a collage of every possible cast member. It just puts them all together. The majority of the pictures are from Other pictures are from,, and

Just go ahead and click below to check it out. These are not our pics, visit the above sites to get access to the originals.

RW11 Cast Collage

I just forget about the most important things! The jobs at Piece are
short-lived. The Chicago Sun-Times report that they are currently not letting
the cast members work. They are reportedly "not currently on the schedule". Thanks
so much for the people who gave us the sightings... WE NEED TO POST THEM! Anyways,
we heard the 45-minute wait for Piece isn't worth it.

Here's the Challenge tally so far peoples:

New York: Heather, Norman

San Francisco: Puck, Jo

Miami: Flora, Mike

Seattle:Lindsay, Stephen

Back to New York: Mike

Australia: Chadwick, Christina

Maximum Velocity Tour: Theo, Holly

The following are TOTAL guesses. It's from speculation
I got and reasoning. Some of them are just total guesses in the
dark. This is pretty fun. LOL.

Los Angeles: Beth S., David

London: Mike*, Sharon

Boston: Jason*, Elka

Hawaii: Teck, Ruthie

New Orleans: Kelley, David*

Back to New York: Lori

USA Tour 1: Shelly, Mark

USA Tour 2: Effie, Devin

Europe: Belou, Chris

Islands: Erika, Jake

Northern Trail: Tara, Jon

Latin America: Josh*, Gladys

Semester At Sea: Veronica*, Shawn*

The Quest: Katie, Blair

* = rumored to be STRONG possibilities.

By the way, it is still VERY unclear if this Challenge will pan out like hoped
for. There are rumors that filming of the Challenge might be pushed back
or whatnot with RW11 going overseas. This is the first time production
will film two different RW/RR projects at one time! It can be done!
Filming is slated to begin in September.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Mike and Lori rumored to be a part of the new Challenge; Melissa and Danny get into a car accident

It seems that Mike from the current Real World season will be joining the cast of the new Real World/Road Rules Challenge! We're also getting conflicting reports as to the female joining the cast, but we think it's Lori! We might be wrong! But we're almost sure that we're right! LOL... That's it for today kiddies. Got to go. Oh yeah, I've been getting news that the Challenge is still having problems signing people... hopefully that'll work out.

Melissa also got into a car crash with Danny of the New Orleans season. They aren't hurt, but someone else was injured along with them. Read about it at Melissa's site, Princess Melissa.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

E! Online calls our site a great source for Challenge spoilers; Katie joins the Quest as the sixth castmember

That beautiful vixen at E-Online mentioned our site in her infamous dish column. Watch with Wanda has been
infamously known on the internet as the place to get your latest
gossip. We've been mentioned in her column as the source for the latest players
of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Check out our Challenge IV section
and also check out the E-Online article that mentions us as a source!

The sixth is complete. The one and only cast change. OK! Here's
a list of updated links for the last Road Rules episode.

That's it for today! Have a good day! I'm off to watch Murder in Small Town X. Another great reality TV show!

The handsome reward for the Quest is a Suzuki; The Wedding Video is coming from Norman

Hey! New Road Rules news! Seems like the handsome reward is going to be an automobile of some kind. We're still unclear about what it is (motorcycles, etc.,). But we are 100% sure that the new handsome reward will be of Suzuki model! Just a little Road Rules news for ya!

Also, Dane just told me that he and Chris are sorry for the wait and they are still working on the article for the Wedding Video. We didn't forget about that! That's just about it, y'all! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Partial cast of the Real World Chicago is announced

We got 6/7 names of the Real World: Chicago! They are Theo, Chris, Anita, Tanya, Nora, and Cara. Tanya and Cara are the two working at the pizza parlor Piece. Two others are working there right now. Piece is just a few steps from the house. We've been hearing news about their job. It looks like it's open season, as they've been working at a pizza place, a newspaper, the beach, and more! More information later!

Monday, August 13, 2001

Sophia of the Quest grants us an interview explaining the show

We just finished our interview with Road Rules gal, Sophia! Check out what her father thinks of her sexuality, what she thinks of Jisela and the rest of her castmates, the kick-out rule, what she wants to do in life, and much, much, more!

Go there now!

We have other interviews coming up! Stay Tuned!