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Friday, March 18, 2005

Katie, Jeff Probst, and Jonny Fairplay in a love triangle

Here's news on a crossover entanglement... If you watch Survivor, you're probably familiar with Jeff Probst and his love life. So what does this have to do with The Real World or Road Rules? Well, apparently Jeff Probst was dating none other than Katie (The Quest) not too long ago. And at an after-party for the last season of Survivor, Katie was allegedly stolen away from Probst by another contestant on another season of the show who calls himself "Johnny Fairplay". The story came from Fairplay himself, while Probst has yet to offer details on the situation. Although this didn't stop Probst from declaring a vendetta against Fairplay in the press. (Fairplay is no longer invited to Survivor events.) No word if Katie and Fairplay are still together. Here's the article.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Chris is starting to produce his own Reality Show that will have religion as a central aspect

Chris (South Pacific) is working with a new reality show that you can actually be a part of. To see if you qualify or if you want to check out Chris' new show, click here!

Eric is working on training a sumo wrestler for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Eric (New York) has undertaken a new endeavor. He will help a sumo wrestler train to get back to get his target weight for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Eric is mentioned in this New York Daily News article as "Tiny" begins his journey to lose weight.

Philadelphia cast has their own prom during their season reviving the 80s

Who knew the 80s were back? The Philly cast mentioned their 80s night on the reunion special. Check them out in all their glam glory from that night at MTV.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Veronica and Rachel start their own company, College Dropout; Kit dropped as host of Cold Pizza

Veronica (Semester at Sea) and Rachel (Campus Crawl) have started a company together... You can check out their shirts, which are all over the Inferno II at

Also, Kit (USA Tour 1) has been dropped as a host for ESPN's Cold Pizza. While Kit came aboard with the show when it premiered a couple of years ago, no word has been left on the show's website about Kit's departure. Since its premiere, Cold Pizza has been subject to tough reviews and low ratings (averaging a .01% of the share of household cable ratings). According to this USA Today article, the show underwent heavy retooling. The article mentions that Kit will continue on in ESPN, working on other projects like the sports fusion of Apprentice/American Idol, Dream Job.

And on a final note, the Blog hit 6 million visitors recently! Thank you for continuing to visit the best source of Real World and Road Rules information on the net today. (Or at least we think so!)