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Friday, June 27, 2003

Five Middletown residents filed an injunction to prevent filming of the Gauntlet in Rhode Island

It's unbelievable that Rhode Island hates MTV so much. Five Middletown residents filed an injunction against MTV today, stopping them from obtaining an amusement license from the Town Council. In an official statement, production is now searching out of state for a new locale. Read the article, here. The show would have raised $4 million in revenue.

Kyle is in a commerical for Right Guard; Trishelle is on Tom Green and is nominated for a Teen Choice Award

Kyle (Chicago) is appearing in a nationally run commercial for Right Guard. He's doing the one with the power strip and where all these guys get hit with a ball. He's one of those who gets hit by the ball.

And Trishelle (Las Vegas) was on the new Tom Green Show recently. She was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Reality Television Female.

Thanks to those who emailed us about these two things!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

The future of the Challenge in Rhode Island thrown into question after Town Council reviews the production

So I'd say this news is pretty damn official if you know what I mean. Julie Pizzi, who has been a producer for BMP since she orchestrated the booting of Jisela on the Quest has commented that production is officially trying to establish itself in Middletown, Rhode Island.

Pizzi, who grew up in Rhode Island, wanted the locale, mostly because she wanted to shine light on her home state. So, rumors that production is in Florida may be false. (This isn't to say that they didn't scout down there as well.) But according to the following newspaper sources, construction on the house is already begun. The walls are being painted for the house to be turned into a Real World-type house. The only thing standing in production's way is a meeting to grant MTV an amusement license. Now here's the crux of the matter: Over 100 residents of Middletown have signed a petition to bar MTV from filming there.

However, the Town Council loves the idea of bringing a big-scale production to the city that they've moved up the meeting to approve the license from Monday to tomorrow. MTV producers will meet with the Town Council to avoid having the license approved the day before filming is set to begin. So basically, the expected outcome is that the town council members are going to approve their license. Filming is scheduled to begin this upcoming Tuesday and will end on July 28. The house is located at 165 Indian Ave and is a waterfront property owned by Brian O'Neill. He leased it to MTV to use for a month. The selling price of the house? $5.55 million. Go to the article, here.

Cameramen, MIA castmembers interviewed for Behind the Scenes special on the Real World

We reported several weeks ago that VH1 was working on a Real World Behind The Scenes Special. And noWe reported several weeks ago that VH1 was working on a Real World Behind The Scenes Special. And now it has come to television. Next Monday at 9PM ET on VH1, MTVs sister cable channel will air VH1 Goes Inside: The Real World. I caught promos for the show and it hit me as more interesting than usual. Why? Well, they are interviewing castmembers, but at the same time, they are interviewing people we have NEVER heard from before (ie. cameramen). It'll probably also focus on the bigger events in the Real World, like the slap heard 'round the world, Hawaii/Ruthie, and they will probably give an uneven amount of attention to Las Vegas. Watch!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

South Pacific and Paris may begin airing relatively soon even after filming just ended

I've received concerns about the premiere dates of the Real World: Paris and Road Rules: South Pacific. It makes total sense. Before the days of Chicago, this is what BMP did. Literally days after filming ended, the first episode would air. An example that comes to mind is The Real World: San Francisco. Literally, three days after the final day, the first episode aired. It's not that uncommon. The reason why Las Vegas took some time to premiere was because there was a whole skewing of filming times with Chicago, where it was filmed in the middle part of the year because of weather concerns.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Top searches for the site; San Diego casts for last minute changes; Rhode Island town debating the Challenge

Just FYI... Here are the top 5 castmember searches for the site in the past three weeks:

1. Marybeth Playboy
2. Mallory
3. Brynn
4. Cara
5. Rachel

And it seems that BMP had been doing some last minute casting for their 14th season which will be in San Diego. I am hearing rumors abound. But apparently, they went to DC for a final casting call. Several hundred people attended the call. I am already hearing news about castmembers and the house. But it's all rumors until this point.

And The Gauntlet will begin filming July 1st from what I'm hearing as well. Today, Middleton will decide whether or not to grant producers permission for an amusement permit. And we will find out if The Gauntlet will be filmed there.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Sarah and another castmember fighting on the boards; Cara speaks about depression, Abram will be chatting

If you go over to Sarah's (Campus Crawl) site at Sarah's Brain she comments about how another castmember insults her on a message board. It's unclear who is insulting her, but another online feud seems to be brewing. Thanks to Christina for that.

Cara (Chicago) was the focus of a CNN Headline News Health Segment this weekend. Cara (who goes by the last name Kahn, not Nussabaum... presumably her stage name) spoke about her bout with depression in high school. She also spoke about how depression rushed back into her life when she invited Real World cameras into her life. You can read the article online here.

And Abram (South Pacific) will be chatting at 4pm ET TODAY at this link. Be sure to catch him!`