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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Elimination Pit #1: It's Shane and Veronica in the very first Elimination Pit

This post describes the events of the face-off. If you don't want to know the details of what happened, stop reading. Check out the Road Rules website to see the video.

Both Shane (Campus Crawl) and Veronica (Semester at Sea) are in a studio with Drew to find out who gets sent to the Pit.

Veronica says that the rest of the team was spitting out bull until the actual vote took place. Both Shane and Veronica believed it was a random drawing until they voted.

They show who wins the most votes from the "Pit Crew". Monte (Viewers' Revenge) and Tori (Viewers' Revenge) get the most votes and get their own montages. Veronica is asked how she would react when she gets back to the RV. She said she would persue a different strategy and perhaps start throwing missions. Shane (Campus Crawl) agrees.

Drew then brings out Monte and Tori. Monte is ready for the friendly competition and Tori is a little excited/nervous.

Drew then reveals that Veronica (Semester at Sea) got the most votes to be in the Face-Off. Drew then hands Tori an envelope to tell them which event they'll be in.

They get "Whiplash". It's a forward tug-o-war, much like the Gauntlet 2 game, but they're actually connected by a common wire that's wrapped around a single pole. There's three heats. Tori sprints out in the first heat and they both get knocked back, but Tori recovers and grabs the flag. Veronica falters in the second heat and trips, allowing Tori to get the second flag easily.

Tori makes it to the RV and Veronica moves to the Pit Crew. You can actually vote for the Pit Crew right now. Next week, Veronica could potentially face Susie (Australia) or Kina (Extreme) in a Face-Off, so get to voting. The next episode of Road Rules airs this Tuesday at 9PM.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Viacom, MTV's parent company, asks YouTube to pull down all its content

Viacom, the parent company of MTV, who is basically responsible for The Real World, Road Rules and the Challenges, has asked popular video site YouTube to pull down all its content from its networks. This includes content from MTV, which unfortunately includes these shows.

Although YouTube may no longer carry these videos, other video sites such as iFilm have not been asked to comply. However, the majority of video content currently exists on YouTube. Check out the article written in CNN Money.

The Elimination Pit Episode airs tomorrow, Saturday, exclusively on

We find out tomorrow whether or not Shane (Campus Crawl) or Veronica (Semester at Sea) went to the Pit and which Pit Crew member got the first attempt to get into the RV.

Every Saturday presumably, will be airing the Elimination Round episode. This will be an exclusive online video that will show the actual elimination round and we'll get to see which castmember goes in and is maybe sent packing.

We'll be updating the news as soon as the episode appears online, so stay tuned.

US Weekly mentions Diem's foundation, Live for the Challenge

Diem (Fresh Meat) recently received a mention of her organization, Live for the Challenge in the latest issue of US Weekly to hit newsstands.

If you don't know about the organization, Diem set up a medical registry, a service that allows medical patients to request items they need during treatment. The site has been praised for its innovative idea and Diem's backstory.

Congratulations to Diem!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Denver Episode #13: The cast splits into two groups while one lives it up, the other becomes Outward Bound interns

Last night's episode saw the group being split into two. While Alex (Denver), Colie (Denver), Jenn (Denver) and Tyrie (Denver) were busy climbing up a mountain, Brooke (Denver), Davis (Denver) and Stephen (Denver) were back at home, fixing themselves up after being sick.

The Outward Bound group is completing a grueling two-day hike in order to be Outward Bound interns. While they have trouble competing the hike, the group that's back at the house in Denver is eating at a restaurant, having drinks, and going in the hot tub.

The Outward Bound group complains about the strenuous hike and how they worry that they will not complete it. Colie complains more so than most of the group, but then is elated when she reaches the peak of the mountain. The cast is overjoyed with their decision to stay in the group.

Meanwhile, back at home, Brooke is getting a full-on day at the salon, while the guys just relax. Back up on the mountain, Tyrie has an asthma attack on the end of the first day. Claiming that he knows his limits, he refuses to go on the second day. This leaves the self-proclaimed love triangle to hike up the mountain themselves. They make it to the end of an eight-hour hike.

Davis actually ends up making the decision to come back and join the group. Although he joins the group a little too late, the rest of the cast is happy to see him return. The Outward Bound group, minus Davis, is informed that they will now be Outward Bound interns and the three who stayed behind would be assistant interns.

Upon returning home, Brooke greets the girls in her bathing suit. This immediately annoys Jenn and Colie, but all in all, Brooke could care less and goes out back to lay out in the sun.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Denver Episode #13: Post your reactions here

We tried this for the first episode of Viewers' Revenge, so we're going to do it for the Real World: Denver. Tonight is the thirteenth episode of the season and after you're done watching it or while you're watching it, come to this thread and comment on it. This was relatively successful for the Viewers' Revenge episode, so we'll try it for Denver.

The episode airs at 4:30PM and at 10:00PM. Check your local listings.

Lacey finally opens her own salon in Tallahassee and wants you to party with the Austin cast

For the first time since The Real World: Austin reunion special, the cast of the Real World: Austin will gather in Tallahassee for the opening of Lacey's (Austin) own salon, Lacey May Salon.

If you remember back to the Real World days, Lacey was a hair stylist and she often talked about it and cut hair on the show. Now, she has her own salon in Florida.

So, if you're in the area, check out Lacey's salon at 110 West 5th Avenue in Tallahassee. The cast will be there from 4PM to 7PM. There will also be an afterparty at Elements Night Club in the Lake Ella Publix Shopping Cetner from 10PM-2AM. This will all go down on Saturday, February 10, 2007. So, if you're in town, go see Danny (Austin), Johanna (Austin), Melinda (Austin), Lacey, Nehemiah, Rachel and Wes (Austin) reunite for Lacey's grand opening. Jose (Key West) will also be in attendance.

Denver Episode #13: Brooke, Davis, and Stephen are pampered at home while the rest of the cast roughs it in the wilderness

The next episode of the Real World has the cast roughing it, but as we continued from last week, Brooke (Denver), Davis (Denver) and Stephen (Denver) are at home, enjoying their time off. The rest of the cast seems to be perturbed, Tyrie (Denver) has a panic attack on the mountain, and Davis takes up drinking again.

The preview for this episode shows a different scene that's not been shown. It's unclear whether this is for this episode or an upcoming episode. It involves Colie (Denver) and Alex's (Denver) relationship.

Beth posts her reactions to the Duel Reunion and takes issue with Diem

Beth S. (Los Angeles) has finally responded to the Duel's reunion special. Aside from a brief comment about the show being intended for drama and for her small rift with Svetlana (Key West), Beth heavily concentrates on Diem.

If you remember, Beth and Diem nearly got into it when Beth was calling out Diem for being fake. It never really materialized to anything, but Beth took to her MySpace to finally put the nail in the coffin.

Go over and read it. It's worth your time.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Viewers' Revenge Episode #1: The Roadies meet up in Malibu for the car bungee; Veronica and Shane are nominated

The six alumni gather on a cliffside in Malibu. They talk about how their excited about going back to the RV. Then, they see the RV roll up.

Drew Bell, the self-proclaimed Roadmaster, announces that each week, the Roadies will be competing for a $10,000 prize that will added to the handsome reward pot. If they make it to the end, they split the prize. But, then, Drew announces, you have to defend your spot each week when at least one castmember will be sent to the "Pit" to battle against a member of the "Pit Crew". They will also get a brand new 2007 Mazda 3 as part of their handsome reward.

The alumni get their RV and are excited about the prospect of living in a RV again. (Although, it looks like production may have some "off days" and the cast is given Wendy's gift cards to eat, so it's not a traditional Road Rules.)

The cast talks in the RV. Adam (The Quest) talks about how he loves the fact that he's back on the show and just being traveling on the show is the handsome reward. Susie (Down Under) and Kina (Extreme) bond, even after their Gauntlet 2 tension. Veronica (Semester at Sea) and Shane (Campus Crawl) have a pre-existing bond and will not betray each other.

The casts go to Wendy's and they get their message for their next mission to go to Falls Lake in Los Angeles, CA. Falls Lake is the man-made lake in the middle of Universal Studios. They're all excited about the tension and uncertainty of the first mission.

They get to Universal Studios and they find out their mission: car bungee. Shane and Veronica say they both should split up because they want to mingle with the rest of the team. Kina and Susie are clearly shaken. The guys are relatively excited, and Susie seems to be the most scared of the group and ends up having the most trouble.

Mission: Car Bungee
Episode #: 1401
Participants: Abram and Kina, Adam and Veronica, Shane and Susie
Objective: Each pair has to survive a bungee jump while strapped into a car. When the rope stops retracting, the teams have to unbuckle their seatbelts, get three luggage pieces from the back, and drop them into the lake below. Then the pairs have to take the luggage across the finish line and have a cumulative team time of 5:00.

Abram and Kina - 1:19
Adam and Veronica - 1:31
Shane and Susie - 1:36
Cumulative Team Time - 4:26

Mission Status: COMPLETED
Team Pot: $10,000

After they complete their mission, the group finds out that the guys will nominate the girl to the Pit, while the girls will nominate the guy to the Pit.

The Roadies spend a night at the local RV park and the team talks about not wanting to turn on each other. There's talk of rotating alumni to go into the Pit, and how everyone would be cool of going to the Pit. There's an overall desire to be fair and to leave the drama out of the RV. Although, Susie does mention that breaking the Susie/Veronica alliance is crucial.

The group splits up and it becomes painstakingly obvious that no one is doing the random drawing. Adam claims that he has a vested interest in Susie and Kina because they are in an alliance. Kina and Susie vote for Shane. Abram votes for Veronica simply because Veronica has lied to him multiple times in the past.

Guys Nominations
Abram and Adam vote for Veronica
Shane abstains

Girls Nominations
Kina and Susie vote for Shane
Veronica abstains

This sets off an emotional response from Veronica and Shane who are clearly voted off by an alliance. Veronica says that this vote sets the tone of the game. Shane claims that the vote wasn't fair because there was a conscious attempt to break up the alliance of Veronica and Shane. Veronica claims if they continue coming after her and Shane, that she'll make their lives on the RV difficult.

Now, they drop off Shane and Veronica off at the "Pit", which is still a little unclear. Log onto to vote for who you want to stay and who you want to go into the "Pit". Also vote for which "Pit Crew" member you want to see in the elimination round. The elimination round will be broadcast live on this weekend. Also, to comment on this episode, please look at the previous post.

Reactions to Episode 1: Post your thoughts here

Here's an experimental thing we're going to try here. Every day that an episode airs, we'll post a small blog asking you guys for your reactions. Just click on comments and share your thoughts of the episode with other visitors. You'll be able to post your thoughts after you see the episode or as you actually watch the episode.

So, for tonight's episode of Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge, share your thoughts!

The first episode of Road Rules Viewers Revenge airs tonight

It's been three years in hiatus. It's been three years since we've seen the Roadies hit the road.

Tonight at 9PM (Afternoon Sneak at 4:30PM), Road Rules will return to the airwaves.

Special thanks to BMP who worked hard on bringing the series back and thanks to everyone who keeps on coming back to the site for the latest Road Rules news.

Good luck to the six alumni and the eight new castmembers who will try their luck in this fourteenth installment of the series. It's been far too long and we're glad to welcome Road Rules back!

Trishelle begins 2007 with a film in production and a potential Super Bowl commercial

Trishelle (Las Vegas) has been keeping busy ever since the last credits rolled on her season a couple years back. Recently, she filmed a minor part in the straight-to-video release Dukes of Hazzard 2. She now has a part in a new movie called Ninja Cheerleaders.

She went through extensive boot camp training in the film including fight choreography, cheerleading, burlesque/pole dancing, and Japanese sword fighting. The movie comes ou later this year.

She also recently filmed a Super Bowl commercial for the internet company, If you're following the saga that is, they continually have their ads rejected by censors because of racy material. The first two rejected ads are actually up on their website. Trishelle was a part of the third attempt that may be making it to the airwaves on Super Bowl Sunday.

Finally, she is still working on getting her real estate license, which she has temporarily postponed since she has got the part in the movie. Congratulations and good luck to Trishelle!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Adam says that he's done with Week 1 on his MySpace, has another show airing on Fox Reality

Adam (The Quest) is posting on his MySpace during the filming of Viewers' Revenge. The alumni have finished filming their first week of the fourteenth season of Road Rules and nothing has yet been spoiled.

The first week, which we'll be seeing tonight on television, marks the return of the series with the interactive element. Presumably, two alumni, one male and one female, are already nominated for the elimination round. After the end of tonight's episode, we'll vote for either male or female to enter the elimination round with someone from the "Pit Crew". This should all go down by next week and be followed every week after that with a similar pattern.

Adam also mentions that he's on "Camp Reality" on the Fox Reality Network. It's a new show that's produced by Survivor: Pearl Islands' Burton Roberts. It also premieres tomorrow, but an hour ahead of Road Rules. Check your local listings.

Celebrity gossiper, Perez Hilton, wears College Dropout's new t-shirt that Veronica wore

If you're a fan of College Dropout, you'll love the fact that Perez Hilton, the celebrity internet gossiper, recently did a photo shoot wearing one of the company's latest t-shirts.

Veronica (Semester at Sea) and Rachel (Campus Crawl) started the College Dropout company after wearing a couple of shirts on the Challenges. They began selling them online and the company exploded. Several magazines have featured the shirts. Paris Hilton has wore them. And now, Perez Hilton has worn the shirt.

They're actually debuting a new line of shirts, some of which have already come out, so be sure to check them out.


Six Days of Road Rulers: Susie, the first to have had her Road Rules experience, is the last castmember to join the cast

Susie Meister
Road Rules Down Under

Age: 27
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Currently: Pittsburgh, PA
Challenges: Extreme Challenge and the Gauntlet 2
Challenge Record: 1-1
Elimination Round Record: 0-0

Susie was the requisite virgin/good girl of Road Rules. Upon learning that Susie would be on the trip, fellow castmember Piggy (Australia) lamented the fact that Susie had asked her twice if she had liked Julie Andrews because of her British accent. Susie's likable personality made it fun to watch her, as her castmember Christina (Australia) termed, her "downward spiral" from good girl to bad girl.

Susie made an appearance on the Extreme Challenge, where she replaced kicked off castmember Ayanna (Semester at Sea). Her team failed to beat Real World, but she later returned to the Gauntlet 2 where she and her team came out victorious. Susie has been on the least number of Challenges out of the alumni crew on Viewers' Revenge. She, unlike anyone else in her group, has never seen an elimination round as well.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Six Days of Road Rulers: Veronica returns after her own long hiatus from the shows

Veronica Portillo
Semester at Sea

Age: 29
Hometown: Tustin Ranch, CA
Currently: Los Angeles, CA
Challenges: Challenge 2000, Battle of the Seasons, Battle of the Sexes, Gauntlet, Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, and the Inferno 2
Challenge Record: 3-4
Elimination Round Record: 1-0

Veronica was cast for the Semester at Sea season while she was studying at UC Berkeley. Before she came to the show, as MTV described, her friends said that she could sometimes be "convincing, manipulative, and brutally honest to the point of hurting others' feelings." She definitely had trouble adjusting to her castmembers on the ship with resulted in a number of confrontations with Ayanna (Semester at Sea).

Since then, she has been dubbed the "Challenge Queen". Veronica has appeared on more Challenges than anyone else in the entire Real World and Road Rules casts and has won more Challenges than anyone else in the Viewers' Revenge cast. She made her first appearance on Challenge 2000, where she skydived solo her way to the grand prize. She was later sent home on Battle of the Seasons for being too much of a threat. On Battle of the Sexes she and several other girls were targeted by Emily (USA Tour 2) and eliminated. She would go on to win the next two Challenges, the Gauntlet and the Inferno with relative ease. When she went on Battle of the Sexes 2, she couldn't make it to the end. But she did return to the Inferno 2 and did make it to the end, only to lose the final mission.