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Friday, October 19, 2007

Jamie has been part of Days of Our Lives for about a month

Jamie (San Diego) has been keeping busy in her professional life as of late. She is officially the second alumni to join the cast of a major soap opera.

Jamie joined the cast of Days of Our Lives as sorority girl Cordy late last month. She is a recurring cast member on the show.

Jamie joins Kyle (Chicago) who once part of the main cast of Days as Philip Kirkias. Congratulations to Jamie!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sydney Episode #12: Shauvon is given an ultimatum, while Trisha tells her boyfriend

This episode took us a step further in the world of Shauvon (Sydney) and Trisha (Sydney). The episode started out by rounding out the fight between Trisha and Parisa. The two, basically drunk, just hurled a bunch of insults at the other. Eventually, Dunbar (Sydney) gets pulled into it, after Trisha is told that everyone hates her. Dunbar, when asked by Trisha, doesn't get a definitive statement either way. The next morning, Parisa apologizes to all the girls.

That night, Shauvon gets drunk and brings a boy home. She feels super guilty about her ex back home, who she still has feelings for. The boy that Shauvon brought home just leaves even before Shauvon wakes up. Shauvon writes her fiancee, David, an email telling him how much she loves him still.

Trisha, meanwhile, tells her boyfriend that she kissed Alex over the phone. She does this after both Isaac (Sydney) and Cohutta (Sydney) tell her that it would be the best, to get it over with. Trisha is left fumbling in the wind when her boyfriend tells her that he trusted her, not Alex. So, their relationship status isn't clear.

Meanwhile, Shauvon gets an email back from her fiancee. She calls him. The two cry because they both still like each other. But then, her fiancee gives her an ultimatum: pick him or the Real World. The episode closes out with Shauvon struggling with the decision. Will it really be Trisha who leaves? Or will Shauvon decide to get out of Sydney?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sydney Episode #12: Post your reactions here

On tonight's episode of The Real World, the fallout between Parisa (Sydney) and Trisha (Sydney) continues. After Parisa blows up at Trisha, the door opens up and the two confront each other. Dunbar (Sydney) actually finds himself in the mix. Meanwhile, both Shauvon (Sydney) and Trisha confront the situation at home as they discuss their ex and current boyfriend.

Post your reactions here. The episode airs tonight at 10pm.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tori is Miss Virginia 2008, she will compete in the Miss USA pageant next Spring

Tori (Viewers Revenge) won the Miss Virginia 2008 competition. The event, which was broadcast yesterday, was covered by the local news station.

Tori actually has the chance to compete in the national pageant in the Spring, where she will be vying for the title of Miss USA. If you're a pageant fan, you know that the current titleholders for Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe all have their own reality show on MTV called Pageant Place.

Tori will also be making an appearance in the upcoming Gauntlet 3. Congratulations to Tori!