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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Update: Castmembers begin to leave for Challenge in South Africa beginning 10/16

So, after we reported on that news that Get Real Denver reported on, we've received seperate confirmation that many castmembers will begin to leave the States headed for South Africa, on or around October 16. So, the fourteenth installment of the Challenge is NOT filming right at this moment.

This piece of information also corroborates the timeframe that Beth S. (Los Angeles) posted on her MySpace page. (She actually also commented that the news of Davis (Denver) leaving as "several weeks early".) Stay tuned for more news.

Get Real Denver claims new Challenge may have already began filming

In an interesting turn of events, Get Real Denver is reporting that the next Challenge, supposedly to film in South Africa, has already begun filming.

The website, which follows the new, upcoming Denver season of The Real World, claims that Davis (Denver) has already left for the Challenge. This would be a surprising turn of events, as little has been heard about who's actually confirmed to be there.

The Challenge's exotic locale may actually pose a problem to castmembers who spread the word of what's going on during the Challenge, so this may explain the reason why so little is known at this particular moment. If it is filming, it only becomes a matter of time before more and more castmembers are sent home, that we will learn more about who's there, who's doing well and who's being kicked off.

Update: Davis has actually left the country to be with his boyfriend, who is currently studying abroad in Argentina. He will leave from Argentina to South Africa next month.

Tired of the "reality tv life", Katie decides to move to Chicago

Everyone who is a fan knows that there is an extensive network of Real World and Road Rules castmembers living in Los Angeles. Reality television almost becomes this alternative reality where castmembers fall into a black hole of appearances, parties, Challenges, club promotions and college speaking engagements.

So, in a cathartic post over at her MySpace, Katie (The Quest) explains her reasons for deciding to move out of Los Angeles to avoid the reality TV lifestyle.

While a frequent problem for many castmembers, it's been known that certain alumni have struggled with the realities of life after MTV. As documented on MTV's True Life, we saw Tonya (Chicago) go through similar emotions. Although Katie has decided to move out of Los Angeles, she says she is not retiring from Challenges. But Katie's move also means she will not be a part of the next Challenge filming in South Africa. Good luck to Katie in her endeavors!

Friday, September 29, 2006

BMP announces October round of casting calls for The Real World 19

Casting season is in full swing over at BMP. They are currently casting for their 19th season (which is still in an undetermined location) and have been holding calls all throughout this month. They now released a brevy of calls for the month of October in various locations throughout the United States. Here is the list of dates for the month of October:

Sunday, Oct. 1st from 11am to 6pm:

Baja's Beachclub
2020 W. Pensacola Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303
NOTE: 11am to 6pm call is for TALLAHASSEE ONLY!
All other casting calls are 10am to 5pm as usual

Thursday, Oct. 5th from 10am to 5pm:

6251 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90803

The Ritz
346 E Broad St
Athens, GA 30601

The Library Eats and Drinks
7042 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826

Wednesday, Oct. 11th from 10am to 5pm:

Club Element
2401 Chamberlain St
Ames, IA 50014

The Library Bar & Grill
1301 4th St Se
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Holy Grail
13 W Charlton St
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Saturday, Oct. 14th from 10am to 5pm:

Local Cafe
1004 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022

2406 18th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Good luck to all who audition. We'll keep you updated on the latest news on The Real World: Season 19!

The Duel Trailer is now available on Overdrive; We post the transcript with screencaps for you here

Along with the Beth clip posted on Overdrive, MTV has finally gotten around to posting the Duel trailer online. We're here to give you a full transcript complete with screencaps. Enjoy!

(Opens in Brazil)

Announcer: They came to Brazil, eager to compete and willing to do whatever it takes to win...

Beth: People ask all the time, "Beth, why are you gonna do another Challenge?" Why not?

Announcer: But they have no clue what the game will be...

(Flashes of castmembers, arrivals)

Tina: What the hell does the Duel mean?

(Cast smiling and happy)

Announcer: They thought that they would have to depend on their allies in order to defeat their enemies...

CT: The only thing I'm worried about right now is making sure that you guys spell my name right on that big check.

Announcer: But this time they couldn't be more wrong.

(Cast gathered around Duel stadium on mountaintop)

TJ: For starters, we're gonna can the whole team concept. There's gonna be two winners: one male, one female. Make no mistake about it, you're in this challenge by yourself.



(Clockwise: CT and Derrick in a Duel, Svetlana in a Duel, Diem in a Duel, CT in a Duel, Wes and Derrick in a Duel)

Nehemiah: We are fighting for $500,000. I can't even imagine the type of snakes that are gonna come out of people's personalities.

CT: What are you gonna do Wes? Shut the fuck up. I'll fucking kill you.


Aneesa: I don't trust anybody. If anybody wants to fucking know, I don't.

CT: This is pandemonia Larry!




(Clockwise: Aneesa tackles Paula, The cast looks on, Wes hang gliding over Brazil, Svetlana swimming in a tank, The Duel treasure chest, Wes trying to open the chest)

Brad: This conversation is fucking done. I got nothing more to say to you.


(Left to Right: Brad and Svetlana argue, Wes or CT pushes Nehemiah off a platform.)

Beth: You don't stab me in the front, you stab me in the back.

Kina: This is like blackmail!

Wes: No one is stupid enough to say I want to go against Wes in the Duel. That's like saying I want to go against Satan himself

(Diem and CT make out)

Aneesa: You are a disgrace and I am embarrassed to be a women because of you.

Wes: We just do a little Beth cackle and a little Wes manipulation...

(Jodi and Evan make out.)

Tina: Beth!

Beth: Tina!

Kina: Karma is a bitch

Beth's "Most Trouble Makery Moments" segment airs on Overdrive

A brief clip of Beth S. (Los Angeles) and the drama that she's caused makes it onto Overdrive. Hosted by fellow Duelers, John (Key West) and Svetlana (Key West) count down Beth's five most "troublemakery moments". For those of you who don't get Overdrive, the top five moments are:

5th: The Real World: Los Angeles - The Tami/David/Beth "rape" incident
4th: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge - Montana (Boston) won't bungee jump, prompting Beth not to bungee jump at Lake Piru
3rd: Battle of the Seasons - Norman (New York) successfully campaigns for Beth's ouster
2nd: Gauntlet II - Beth is afraid of taking Aneesa (Chicago) on in Beach Brawl
1st: Inferno II - Beth tells Robin (San Diego) that Tonya (Chicago) was seeing Mark (USA Tour I), prompting the now famous pool/clothes incident

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Want to book a castmember for an appearance at your school or event?

If you ever wonder how those appearances by castmembers get set up, it's through booking agencies like that provided by Michael Martin Agency. Michael Martin Agency is to go-between in the events where castmembers appear at colleges in speaking engagements, promotional events or nightclubs.

You can check out the agency here and find how to book castmembers for appearances in your local event or area. They also have their own blog set up where castmembers update you on their whereabouts and appearances. You can also check out the interview that they did with Get Real Denver here.

So if you ever want a castmember to show up at your school or event, be sure to contact Michael Martin Agency.

The cast for the next Challenge may already be selected; Filming beings in October

There's news pouring out about which castmembers are actually going to the fourteenth season of the Challenge. Yesterday, we told you that Davis (Denver) and Colie (Denver) were to take part in this Challenge which is to be filmed in South Africa. Now there are rumblings out in The Real World and Road Rules circles that more castmembers are confirming their attendance. We'll let you know as soon as we get those confirmations.

We also picked up that the Challenge will begin filming sometime next month. Considering that October is three days away, it would be no surprise if the entire cast was already selected.

Derrick, Johanna, Mark, Svetlana and Trishelle grace the cover of the Sexiest Men & Women of Reality TV

Derrick (Extreme), Johanna (Austin), Mark (USA Tour I), Svetlana (Key West) and Trishelle are all gracing the respective covers of the 2007 Sexiest Men and Women of Reality Television calendars.

Spearheaded by Beth S. (Los Angeles), the calendar has been a yearly venture that features some of the hottest castmembers on the pages of a full-color calendar. Tonya (Chicago), Beth S. (Los Angeles), Katie (The Quest), Adam (The Quest), Nehemiah (Austin), Syrus (Boston) and Wes (Austin) are all inside the pages of the calendar as well.

If you'd like to preview the calendar, check out their website.

Lacey tells Tyra Banks she was cast because "she didn't fit the stereotypical innocent look of a virgin"

Lacey (Austin) appeared on The Tyra Banks Show on a show centered around none other than virginity. Tyra chose to center her show around people who've kept their virginity well into their adulthood.

Part of the show was a panel formed by former reality television stars. Including Lacey, two participants from Average Joe and The Bachelorette showed up. Obviously, Lacey was cast because of her religious background and her attitude of indifference towards it. Although her castmembers were informed about it and she felt she was cast for it, as it was the subject of various conversations in the house, Lacey also told Tyra that she felt that the castmembers never treated her differently because of it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Next Challenge reportedly filming in South Africa with Denver's Davis and Colie taking part

Get Real Denver, who has been really good about spoilers in the past, is reporting today that both Davis (Denver) and Colie (Denver) will be a part of the 14th season of the Challenge (the one after the Duel).

We know that the Challenge is currently in pre-production mode as Dan (Miami) posted on his blog that he was contacted by production to do the next installment of the series. (He never confirmed that he would be participating, but he seemed to warm up to the idea.)

Probably the most interesting thing about this item, however, is the fact that the Challenge is reportedly to be filmed in South Africa. Yes, South Africa. Not exactly your normal tropical Challenge locale. But we all know how BMP likes to revisit places they've been to before. (ie. Key West, Australia) The shows have visited South Africa before. Both the Maximum Velocity Tour and New Orleans filmed trips there. So, it wouldn't be too out of step. Or, would it?

Boston's Syrus is touring clubs in Boston area for the next few days

If you're a fan of the Boston season and will be in the Boston area, Syrus (Boston) will be visiting several clubs and making appearances all this week. Although Syrus is based out of Los Angeles, he appropriately has a soft spot for his Real World city.

These are the dates here:

27th Mcfaddens, Boston MA

28th Kell's, Boston MA

29th Rumor, Boston MA

Updated: 30th The Place, Boston MA

Syrus showed up at Tonic last night, so a couple of you may have already caught him.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MTV is giving out Real World and Road Rules "insider alerts" on your mobile

MTV is starting a program where they send "insider alerts" to your mobile phone. Alerts on The Real World and Road Rules are bunched together, so you can supposedly get news on both shows and the Challenges via your mobile phone.

Although the site fails to offer any additional details and doesn't say exactly what "insider alerts" are, probably expect text messages telling you when the next show is on, or when a new piece of content is uploaded to the MTV website.

If you want to check it out, sign up here.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Blog is redesigned with a new look, new features and more stuff

Over the weekend, we implemented some changes in the general design of the Blog. In addition to a general overhaul to give a sleeker new look, we've added some handy features that will generally help you get your news faster and hopefully keep you coming back to visit the site.

We've added titles to each bit of information so it'll be easier to identify the news pieces. News pieces will now be seperated by different posts, rather than being lummped together in one post.

Also, we've taken advantage of, which is a bookmarking site in order to organize the posts by seasons. Blogger has a program currently in beta which is capable of doing the same thing. Once Blogger opens Beta to its entire user base, we will eventually begin to switch over to that, elminating the third party and bring you labels based both by season and castmember.

Finally, we've signed up with Feedburner for those of you who like to read your news with a subscription service. Now you can link up to the site and get your news fairly easily, although some of you have already been doing so without the aid of Feedburner.

If you have any problems, questions or comments about the redesign, email or use the contact form found in the menu. Thanks to everyone who visits on a daily basis and makes the Blog what it is today.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Extended Duel trailer begins to run on MTV shedding light on fights, drama and hook-ups

MTV is airing the full trailer on The Duel. Every season MTV releases a one to two minute clip on the Challenge. So far, small Duel promos have been airing, showing small snippets, but nothing substantial. This trailer shows fights, hook-ups, short interviews and a synposis of the season. Here's a brief review of highlights:

  • Beth (Los Angeles) in an interview responding to why she's doing another Challenge.

  • Tina (South Pacific) in an interview asking what is The Duel anyway?

  • CT (Paris) in an interview saying the check should be written to him right now.

  • Flash to TJ Lavin on the first night telling the castmembers that the team concept has been canned. There are only two winners: one male and one female.

  • Then there's all these flashes of upcoming duels.

  • Nehemiah (Austin) saying how they're competing for $500,000.

  • It shows Wes (Austin) and CT (Paris) in a screaming match during their duel.

  • Aneesa (Chicago) announces that she is not trusting anybody.

  • Brad (San Diego) is being confronted in a group by several other people. He then gets up and says that the conversation is fuc&*4 up.

  • Wes proclaiming that it is stupid for anyone to go against him in a duel. Going against him would be going against Satan.

  • Aneesa is fighting with Robin (San Diego) in the kitchen and Aneesa saying that Robin is a disgrace to women.

  • Then they show the now-infamous Beth/Tina altercation and the first few seconds after Tina throws the first punch.

  • So far, Overdrive hasn't uploaded the video. There were many flashes of both duels and hook-ups that we didn't mention because we didn't catch them. New promos are also being run that show extended scenes, such as the argument between Beth and Tina that leads up to the fight. We'll be providing more information as we gather it.