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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New York's Kevin will not be running for Congress in newly created district

Besides Sean (Boston), another castmember has thrown their hat into the political circus. Kevin (New York) ran for Congress in Brooklyn.

Kevin now and then.
Kevin (New York) challenged Ed Towns as recently as two years ago. Ed Towns recently made the news when he announced that he would retire at the end of his 15th term. Kevin will not be running for office, but he did comment on the situation.

I think it’s a great day for Brooklyn and New York City politics,I think it’s a great day for Brooklyn and New York City politics... It definitely represents, finally, a shifting. And we are proud of where we come from, because even though we are proud of where we come from, we see the world a little bit differently than the older guard of black leadership." Kevin is still an active part of the Brooklyn community.

The Real World: San Diego House is hosting a Cinco de Mayo Party

Long after the San Diego castmates moved out of the house, you can get in on a piece of Real World history by partying in the La Jolla house.

The interior of the Real World: San Diego house. 
A company called Green with Envy events is hosting a party, in part to benefit the United States Youth Advocate Foundation. For $99, you can party it up in San Diego for Cinco de Mayo. The event is catered, has entertainment, and you can even purchase VIP tickets. The $99 price tag includes access to an open bar, so the event is a pretty good deal. Check out the link here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sean is up for reelection in Congress this November and faces stiff competition

The Real World Boston's Sean is facing a tough challenge this November as his congressional seat is up for re-election.

Sean from his appearance on the Real World: Boston
Sean won the seat in 2010, which was held by longtime congressman Dave Obey, a Democrat. Sean, a Republican, won the seat in his home district in Wisconsin. Sean had been living in Wisconsin, working as the Ashland District Attorney. That being said, his seat, which was held by a Democrat for many years, is looking to be one of the most contested races this November.

Pat Krietlow, a former news anchor, is running for the seat. Polls conducted as early as last year show that Sean faces an uphill battle to keep his seat. Sean is married to Rachel (San Francisco) and they have six children together.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Real World Los Angeles' Tami appears on the cover of EGL Magazine

Tami (Los Angeles) has not been part of press and media for the Real World for quite some time. However, she is now part of the cast of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives. 

Tami from her Real World days. 
Basketball Wives is a reality show that follows current and former wives of NBA players. Tami is divorced from former NBA player Kenny Anderson. In EGL's April issue, Tami appears on the cover and talks about reality television, her decision to open up about sexual assault on the show, and her divorce.

You can check out the spread hereBasketball Wives is currently airing its fourth season with episodes every Monday. The series has been confirmed for a fifth season.

Real World Brooklyn's Scott participates in an anti-bullying forum

Scott (Brooklyn) continues to do work with organizations that educate schoolchildren about the dangers and hazards of bullying.

Real World Brooklyn's Scott

In the most recent seasons, editing does not really reflect too much on the castmembers past experiences. Most of the episode is devoted to events unfolding in the house, with castmembers using past experiences to explain motivations. Nonetheless, we did hear about Scott's (Brooklyn) childhood, being bullied as a child.

Scott was a guest speaker at the Salisbury Anti-Bullying Jamboree, which was intended as a forum to educate children about bullying. Currently, Scott is a successful fitness instructor, and has his own business Scott Herman Fitness. He offers consultations, meal plans, workout plans, and even posts YouTube videos of his workouts online.