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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No word yet on the premise of the new Fresh Meat Challenge; Gauntlet 2 scheduled to air soon

The new Challenge, which so far is being dubbed the Fresh Meat Challenge by a BMP casting call, will be filming next month. So what is the Fresh Meat Challenge? Well, since Road Rules was put "on hiatus" (cancelled) after Extreme, producers needed new castmembers to keep the Challenges fresh and exciting. With only thirteen seasons of Road Rules, twenty confirmed seasons of Real World and a lack of new castmembers coming back for Challenges, BMP announced that they would be searching for nobodies to challenge Real World and Road Rules alumni.

The new Fresh Meat Challenge begins filming on October 15 in an undisclosed location. Filming will take about a month and no word yet on the format. Confirmed castmembers are Danny (Austin), Melinda (Austin), Johanna (Austin) and Wes (Austin).

There's news coming in that the form of premiere dates. Although I have yet to confirm totally, the Gauntlet II will be pushed back two weeks to November 14. Why, you ask? Well, the Gauntlet will occupy Laguna Beach's timeslot which will be extended for another two weeks. The Real World: Austin will end its run soon after on November 22, with the reunion special airing on November 29.

Monday, September 26, 2005

MJ will be updating his website constantly during the Gauntlet 2; Ace isn't exactly on the Surreal Life

MJ (Philadelphia) has recently launched his website at Be sure to check out all the latest updates at MJ's site as he will be a part of the upcoming Gauntlet II which airs on October 31st.

And we also reported that Ace (Paris) will also be joining the cast of the Surreal Life 6. However, we just received news that although Ace was a part of the "pool of reality hunks", he ultimately was not picked.

Sexiest Reality Men and Women 2006 Calendar has a launch party at the Four Palms

On September 23 there was a launch party for the Sexiest Reality Men and Women's 2006 calendar at the Four Palms. Check out photos of cast members featured in the calendar here.