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Saturday, July 13, 2002

Stephen arrested for prostitution; Cara's brother writes speeches for politicians; Las Vegas location confirmed; Rumors for Season 13

Welcome to the first blog of the site!

Let's begin with news of a past Real Worlder: Stephen from Seattle! It looks like Stephen has recently been arrested in Los Angeles. He has been accused of taking a car from it's owner without their permission. Unfortunately, this is a felony and Stephen was in jail. The Smoking Gun reported the incident back in March, when Stephen was arrested for taking possesion of a Camry. No word on what happened. But apparently, Stephen was booked on prostitution charges in January and failed to make a court appearance. At the time of his arrest, he was wanted for that too. As you recall on the Real World Reunion: 2000, Stephen mentioned he was doing some modeling and whatnot. Also, on, it says that he worked as a talent agent for a website. The Smoking Gun contacted that website and confirmed that Stephen had not been working there and in fact hadn't heard from him in almost two years. No late word on this story as of yet.

Let's rehash some other interesting information of a current Real Worlder, Cara: For those of you who didn't read Stuff Magazine, Cara is the brother of Tom Daschle's speechwriter. For those of you who don't know who Tom Daschle is... He's big news in Congress... Also, Cara mentioned that the cameras reportedly caught her smoking pot and another one night stand that was not shown on the show. She told Stuff that she was misinformed of the hidden camera's purpose and believed it was for security.

And now news of Real Worlders future: It seems that the new season in Las Vegas seems to be a huge dramatic season. There are reports of a disagreement occuring between two roommates on the FIRST day. Also, Reality World TV reports that "the Season 12 roomies were the raunchiest cast ever...Remember the season in Chicago, when loose-caboose Cara hooked up with the singer from Big Head Todd? Well, she’s got nothing on the Season 12 hussy, who apparently did it with members of 311, Incubus and O-Town. And what’s a season without violence and the threat of dismissal? This time, there’s an inter-roomie fork-stabbing, blatant philandering, rampant Viagra use, crack, all-night ragers and pregnancy scares. Stay tuned..." Joke or no joke... It's going to be interesting to see what happens.

In confirmed news, the roomies will be moving in the 28th floor of the Palms Hotel/Casino. The Hotel is located on Tropicana Ave. a short way from the Strip. This year's cast is all over 21 because of the strict rule imposed by the casinos. So, casting was somewhat difficult for this year, selecting candidates seven out of 40,000+ applicants, ages 21-24. Reportedly, filming was moved back from January to February, because of casting problems. In late January, BMP held an open casting call, looking for locals to move into the house. The house is NOT a penthouse! It is a set of converted suites. There are rumors to how they actually get up to their house. The button for the 28th floor DOES NOT work for the elevator. So, either the roomies have their own personal elevator (doubtful) or they have to get off on the 27th/29th floor and go through a secret door. George Maloof, owner of the Palms, has confirmed that the group will work of the nightclub/swim/casino/bar venue Swim, promoting concert events, working, and whatnot. The Swim venue consists of sets of different colored pools, which are called "relaxing pools." Also, insiders do tell us that there is a jacuzzi and the house is PIMP. Also, production reportedly ditched their old cameras for new, updated, image-friendly versions. Plus, with the arrival of the filming of the Charles Angels' sequel "Halo", locals have happily greeted the Real World bringing its shameless promotion and production jobs, which is a lot more than we can say for Chicago. More info to come later.

Also, there is buzz as to which city Real World 13 will be filmed in. Close to production, it is rumored that BMP chose Atlanta. Using Key West, Denver, Minneapolis, and other cities as close second choices, BMP buys houses in several cities, chooses a city, and sells the other houses. And word is ATLANTA will be the site of Real World 13. Rumors have been circulating that Real World 14, will be another international season (Remember... Real World 4 was filmed in London) with the Carribean and Sydney as front runners. Rumors or truth... you decide...

Thanks and have a nice day!

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