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Friday, July 25, 2003

Rachel is set to be a finalist for the co-host position on ABCs The View

Thanks to all the people who emailed in about this. On Thursday's episode of ABCs The View, Barbara Walters announced that the search for the fifth co-host is set to begin. And none other than The Real World San Francisco's Rachel Campos-Duffy is set to be one of the contendors of the position. If you remember, when the spot was vacated by ditzy, now TVGuide correspondent Debbie Matenopoulos, Rachel was competing for the spot against Lisa Ling, who eventually won the spot. FOXsports Lauren Sanchez was also in the running for the position. Rachel was highly rumored to be the one taking the spot, but eventually lost it to Ling. Now, she is favored in the race, and will be the first co-host to audition. She will be on the view starting September 2. She'll be on the View for several days and there are 10 to 20 other people vying for the spot. They will choose the winner on November 26.

Now, last time, the final eight candidates consisted of these three ladies, plus Seattle's Lindsay Brien. Lindsay recently moved to Tampa to jump at a chance of hosting a television show there. But it is unclear if she will return to co-host The View again. Brien wasn't selected into the final three because the co-host's thought she was too young. Now four years later, Brien may be able to join the pack as a more mature woman.

Last time around, the ladies heavily relied on viewer opinion to select their co-host. When the time comes, we'll give you all the information in order to cast your positive vote for Rachel.

But for NOW:
You can e-mail the co-hosts of the View and tell them how ecstatic you are that Rachel is coming back to co-host. A few words of wisdom here: Try not to mention the Real World/Challenges too much... Try saying a few words about her personality, her warmth, her likability... You can even say something about her relationship with Sean and their two children, Xavier and Evita. Or you can talk about her experience on TV, like her co-hosting a talk show in Wisconsin. Don't make too long or exaggerated. With that said...

Joy Behar
Star Jones
Meredith Viera
Barbara Walters

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