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Monday, September 01, 2003

Donnell alienates his castmates at the VMAs, Colin and Lori talk about Julie, Puck is arrested

Happy Labor Day! I'm sure your holiday weekend was a blast!!! As was ours!

First things first, we still have the posts saved somewhere. But the archive is no longer accessible. So just FYI...

And now news... The VMAs were last Thursday... and there are always some Roomies or Roadies in attendance. This year the South Pacific cast hit Radio City Music Hall. But... long after the trip ended there still seems to be a bit of tension in the air... Yes, Donnell (South Pacific) who was recently booted off, separated himself from the group by doing his own interviews on the red carpet, while the other members of the cast were together. And it seemed that he was in VERY good spirits as he was doing backflips all around the red carpet. My sources who saw the Roadies say that the Roadies weren't all too happy about Donnell's antics.

And speaking of the VMAs, MTV recently ran ads for The Gauntlet at the VMAs. Kinda didn't show much, but a few very beat up castmembers. Should be interesting. It premieres on the 29th of September at 10pm.

And bad blood just for television?? Well, at a recent speaking engagement both Colin (Hawaii) and Lori (Back to New York) were doing an appearance with none other than Julie (New Orleans) who was said to be a vicious backstabber in the world of speaking engagements during Battle of the Sexes. Although both Colin and Lori didn't take any official sides during the melee between Julie and Melissa (New Orleans), the fight on the show didn't stop Colin and Lori from making an appearance with her. They were even friendly enough to visit each other's hotel rooms during the engagement. Nathan (Seattle) was also at the appearance.

Also, some news about another recent Real World arrest. The Smoking Gun recently reported that Adam (Paris) was arrested for public drunkenness in Statesboro, Georgia while visiting Ace (Paris). However, news comes that Puck (San Francisco) was recently arrested AGAIN. He was first picked up a while back for hitting his then fiancee, now wife. However, we do know that Puck was picked up in Memphis. It's unclear what the charges were, but we're sure more information will come up soon.

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