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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Eric will replace Derrick on his chat on Reality Spot; Wrestling star to appear on the Challenge; Philadelphia will vacation in Fiji

The following is information on the Final 3 at Battle of the Sexes 2:

At RealitySpot's chat with Derrick (Xtreme) yesterday, Derrick was actually unable to make it. Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) apologized this morning and said Eric (New York) was supposed to be his replacement. He also said that both he and Eric were still filming the Challenge, and that there were two days left. So, we know that both Eric (New York) and Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) are in the final three.

In related news to that, Theo promises chats at RealitySpot with Brad (San Diego), Randy (San Diego), Robin (San Diego), Mark (USA Tour 1), Derrick (Xtreme) and Ibis (Xtreme).

In other news, WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg, posted at his website in his latest news section: Goldberg To Appear On Real World/Road Rules: On 8.9.04, Goldberg made a cameo on MTV's Real World/Road Rules. The segment will air in October. No word yet on whether he was part of a mission.

And also... in the Philadelphia Inquirer's magazine section, there are some interesting new tidbits on the upcoming new season of The Real World.

  • MTV will start running promos this week. The show debuts Sept. 7.

  • The roommates are helping to construct a playground for a youth group in the city, although their official job is working for the Philadelphia Soul.

  • They vacationed in Fiji last month.

  • We all saw the lush tropical paradise of the South Pacific in Road Rules last season, but MTV Producers decided to allow this year's roomies to stay in Fiji for a week. Although the roomies are not even out of Philadelphia yet, they say that half the episodes are complete.

    The Inquirer names the castmembers as Landon, Karamo, Willy, M.J., Shovonda, Melanie and Sarah, which of course, has been known by hardcore fans ever since they moved in on April 30. The manner of speed in which this season has been produced has been sparking controversy throughout the internet world of whether or not Real World producers are already beginning work on a loft in Washington DC. After someone began spreading news that the loft was already being constructed above a Maggie Moo's ice cream store in the Adams Morgan section of DC, the Washington Post called producers who told them that the rumor was absolutely false and that no property, nor the city for the sixteenth season had yet been selected.

    Thanks to Kyle, Mitch, and Palau for that information! If you haven't checked out Jamie's (New Orleans) new DVD, Reality Road Trip Bahamas, do so now!.

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