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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The next Real World confirmed to be in Austin; Philadelphia cast to be in Naughty and Nice; Cara in line to be Playmate of the Year

BMP announced yesterday that the 16th season of The Real World will be held in none other than Austin, Texas. The Real World: Austin, which has not yet begun filming, will take the series to the state of Texas for the first time in the show's fourteen-year old history. If you know your Real World trivia, the sixth season, which actually was filmed in Boston was originally slated to be in Austin. Coming back ten seasons later, Austin won out over other cities because of its college-age population, music scene and nightlife. Other contenders and sure to be future backdrops for future seasons were Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, Sydney and Montana. The series was scouting for military personnel who were in Iraq early last year, so expect to see someone who is a member of our armed forces be on the show. I an interview with the Yahoo! News, Jon Murray hinted that the cast has already been picked, saying that this might be one of the best casts ever assembled. Austin will be the smallest city that has ever hosted a season of the Real World. Philadelphia will end its run on Feburary 22. The Real World: Austin will premiere in June 2005.

More information is coming out on Naughty and Nice by the minute. This next challenge will include Philadelphia castmembers and will begin filming mid-January. It is slated to begin airing on MTV in March 2005. This should be right around the time that both Philadelphia and Battle of the Sexes 2 should end their runs. And what about Road Rules? Well, Road Rules will most likely air in June, alongside the premiere of Real World: Austin. Road Rules is not usually known about because of how they are constantly hitting the road in exotic locales. It's hard to get a pinpoint on who or where the cast is when they are actually filming.

And help Cara (South Pacific) win the coveted role of Playmate of the Year. She earned a spot as Playboy's Miss November in the magazine. Click here to vote for Cara. The winner will be announced May 10th. Support our alumni!

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