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Friday, August 12, 2005

Updates on the Real World London and Paris houses

Here's a Blog exclusive and an update on the two European Real World houses. Although not too exciting, it's an update on "the eighth roommates" that we don't hear much about. First up, London:

The Real World London house, which was used for filming in 1995, is located in the Notting Hill area (famous for the Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts movie of the same name) of London. Although accessible by the Underground, Notting Hill is not Central London. So if you're planning a trip, expect to go out of your way. The house is in one of the most posh neighborhoods of London. Close by are the Portobello Flea Market and two of the failed suicide bombers were actually living in this area when they were arrested by police.

Now the house itself:

No huge changes, but on the lower floor, there is now a chain film store that sells film props. The infamous small door is still in place and the house is currently being lived in.

The Paris house is actually on the outskirts of the city. Used in early 2003, the house is only accessible by a suburban commuter line that speeds through outside suburbs of Paris. The neighborhood the house was in was extremely nice, but not Real World-esque at all. Very little to do for seven twenty-somethings and the nearest tourist attractions were at least half-an-hour away. But the neighborhood had plently of chateaus and parks, ideal for upscale family living. Here's the house today:


The first picture is obviously the house as we left it. There's a SUV in the driveway. The house is gated off, so you can only see the house from afar. No traces of the Real World has been left behind, much like the London house. What was interesting about this house was that there was a swingset, a basketball net and plently of children's toys floating about on the yard. There was also an outside house that's in the second picture that wasn't shown much on the series. Most likely because production was headquarted there. The spa house used out front is now gone. If you have any questions or comments about the house, comments are welcome at

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