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Friday, September 02, 2005

Trishelle, Genesis, Belfort update after the devestation that is Katrina

As the devastation of Hurricane Katrina is becoming more apparent, especially in the city of New Orleans, many of you have been sending in emails, concerned about castmembers and their families. Specifically, people have been concerned about Trishelle (Las Vegas) and Genesis (Boston).

Trishelle (Las Vegas) who grew up and still has family in Cutoff, LA has said that her family is safe. Since the hurricane left many towns in complete devastating, most of her family has since relocated to Texas or West Louisiana. Although it took her two days to reach her family, Trishelle has had some trouble contacting close friends that live in the Biloxi, New Orleans and Gulfport areas. "It's very sad. I didn't have contact with my family for almost 2 days after the storm. I've received several messages from friends through text (I think they may get service every once in a while). All of the messages from my friends have basically said they are homeless, some of them trying to go to another state closeby to find a job and start to rebuild their lives." Our best wishes go out to Trishelle, her family and her friends.

Genesis (Boston) also grew up in Gulfport, MS, which was heavily hit by Katrina. Although Genesis wasn't believed to still be living in Gulfport, we have yet to hear word about her family in that region. We hope Genesis, her family and friends are doing OK.

Among trivial matters, people have been asking about the Belfort, the house used in the New Orleans season of The Real World. Although the house, which was located on St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District, is yet to be confirmed flooded, 80% of the city of New Orleans is underwater. The house was located only two miles from the Superdome, so chances are the Belfort was damaged during Katrina. Large parts of that area of New Orleans are known to have been flooded. However, the house may be unrecoverable amid reports on CNN, that some anticipate the increasing toxicity of flood waters will render New Orleans uninhabitable for anywhere from a year to a decade.

The best way to help, especially if you do not live close to the affected areas, is to donate to the relief fund. You can check out the Amazon/Google joint fundraiser to donate to the American Red Cross. If you want to help by donating or volunteering in other ways, you can check out the CNN Help Page or check out the Red Cross' website which offers ways to donate and volunteer with your local Red Cross chapter.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

um, gulfport is in mississippi, not louisiana.