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Friday, October 20, 2006

Tyler hits up Blair in Episode #2's Aftershow talking about everything and anything

Freshly voted off, Tyler (Key West) visited Blair (The Quest) in the Aftershow this week, bringing us a whole bunch of dirt and his view of the cast.

Tyler begins by explaining how he knew that he would be targeted on the Challenge, even if a couple of Fresh Meaters were there. He also talked about how it was difficult for him, because he didn't like his cast too much.

Tyler then accuses Beth (Los Angeles) of being in bed with Nehemiah (Austin). He used this as an example of being as a disadvantage of The Duel, as the rest of the cast picked who they wanted to hook up with.

He also explains his choice in picking Johnny Bananas (Key West). He wanted to go against John because he knew that he had an advantage against John. But then, he explains his change of heart in picking Derrick (Extreme) the next time around. He also calls the guys cowards.

He calls Tina (South Pacific) and Beth S. (Los Angeles) bitches. Then he starts on his "popular" and "non-popular" rant about how "popular" castmembers gang up against "non-popular" castmembers (aka Beth). Then he calls everyone trashy for calling Tina trashy. He then goes into the Casey (Fresh Meat) and John connection as "Dumb and Dumber." He then praises Diem (Fresh Meat) and how he, Brad (San Diego) and Wes (Austin) cried after she took off her wig. Tyler says that he would want to come back, but only if he can play nasty this next time.

Then it was time for the game they play for talking crap about other castmembers for a free trip:

Kina (Extreme) - "No amount of hairspray will ever take the Jersey out of this girl."
Tina - "Fat, Asian chick"
Svetlana - Uses her "tits" to her advantage.
Aneesa - She looks like she's been used and abused on the corner of Rodeo.
Kenny (Fresh Meat) - Has a wrestling ring in his backyard, lives with his parents and has cartoon bedsheets.
CT (Paris) - Spawn of Satan. Male version of Emily Rose.

And the S$%* you Didn't See: Tyler and Kenny watching Evan (Fresh Meat) stretch out Wes. CT flirts with Tyler. Robin and Tyler dancing. Aneesa, Diem and Tyler highkicking.

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