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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Duel Episode #8: Evan wins the mission, Wes goes in and beats Derrick, Wes breaks down

Wes (Austin) begins this episode when paranoia sets in and he's fearful that he'll be sent into the next Duel. He makes a comment that he really wants the money, so he can ask Johanna (Austin) to marry him, and start a life with her. Derrick (Extreme) also tells Jodi (Extreme) that he really wants to win this, his fifth Challenge.

Meanwhile, Diem (Fresh Meat) and CT (Paris) are in heavy flirting mode, especially as its Diem's birthday. The cast learns that they'll be split up into two big teams in the first heat, attempting to grab a flag off a pole. CT (Paris) and Eric (Fresh Meat) are named team captains as they won the last two missions. CT's team pulls through first and his team of six CT, Wes, Evan (Fresh Meat), Diem, Robin (San Diego) and Svetlana (Key West) end up in the last heat.

The point of this heat is to run through a course that has slip and slide tarps up and down the sand dunes. Evan digs his feet into the tarp and into the sand and easily makes it up. Diem follows in his footsteps literally, and she wins on her birthday. The order is set off and with the "tenderoni" alliance gone, Wes looks to be targeted. After Wes looks to be the one favored going into the Duel, he tells the girls to choose him to go into the Duel, as he needs to take control of his destiny in the game.

Wes picks Derrick, and they get Pole Wrestle. Every single person in the Duel knows the two of them will brutually fight to the bitter end. The cast watches in horror as the two tear each other apart for nearly a 1/2 hour. Wes eventually pulls through with the win. After winning, Derrick thinks he wants to re-evaluate his life. However, when Wes makes it home, he calls Johanna, and breaks down. He isn't happy about winning and the Duel takes a lot out of him. He tells her that he wants to marry her and that he doesn't know if he can go through another Duel like that again.

Update: This episode has proven itself as a good way to usher in a new trial feature of our site. You can now leave comments on each of the news stories we post. So, if you want to discuss the episode with other fans, feel free to leave a comment.


Mr. Real World said...

As a new feature of the site, we're gonna try out the comments feature of Blogger. This is a trial period. If it works out, that's great.

So far, it will be an unmoderated comment section, so keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

this was a cool episode. i can't beleive that this challenge is getting better and better. i really hope that wes and johanna really do get married!

Anonymous said...


who dou think CT goes up against in the duel? and why does he start getting into it with Wes?

Anonymous said...

why does CT get into it with wes later on?

Anonymous said...

that was an intense duel.

Anonymous said...

That Duel was brutal man. I'm mean real brutal. Both competitors are teary eyed. Well Wes was in tears. I think they learned a lot about themselves and about will and reslove.

Samantha said...

did you see wes break down?? that was such ha goood episode

samantha said...

You can clearly see Brad with CT when he's fighting with Wes.

It looks like they're going to pole wrestle too.

Dreamygurl said...

I really like this episode I din't want Derrick to go home thought. When I saw Wes win I literally sreamed in my pillow. I think Derrick deserved to be there not Wes.

Mr. Real World said...

Hey guys,

To take a look at the CT/Wes fight, look at this previous post. Scroll down.

YouTube Link

Anonymous said...

I've figured out all the remaining Male Duels after pausing several screen shots of the episode on my DVR. The remaining Male Duels will be between:

Brad/Eric- Poll Wrestle
CT/ Evan- Rope Climbing
Brad/ CT- Push

All these remaning Male Duels are in order of how they will be preformed. I have Robin losing the next Duel which will be the Rope Climbing one to Anessa which makes sense since Robin is the only person who saves Brad and lately Brad has been one of the last people picked. So, in two episodes from now Brad will be the last one left since Robin obviously won't be there to save him making Brad to go into the Duel and face Eric in Pole Wrestle.

colleen said...

Please don't leave spoilers without a warning...I didnt want to know that Robin is going home...I actually enjoy finding out while watching..thanks

Anonymous said...

I think that wes is the biggest jerk on the challenge, and has the cockiest attitude. I also think that he chose Derrick because he is smaller and a little stronger. And if you saw the Duel you see that Derrick was dominating the whole Duel but Wes was just hanging on. What do you guys think? Answer back

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty confident in saying that Wes is pretty much the dominant player in any Challenge. I mean, Derrick is the smallest guy, but c'mon! Derrick took out a whole bunch of people in the past. He's clearly a force to be reckoned with!

If I was Wes, I might've went with Eric if I was looking to just to beat someone.

But, Wes does have reason to be cocky.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but I still dont think Wes is dominant. H bchose Derrick because he is knew he couls take him on. And what I meant about him being cocky was that he thinks hes the best and treats people like Casey like trash. Anyway, he knew that if he chose someone like CT, Evan, or Brad in Push Me, then he would of lost. And if he chose Eric in Pole Wrestle then he would get squished and he would probaly loose in I Can too. So Answer back.

Anonymous said...

I think its very unfair to really put Wes in that situation.

Even if he did pick Derrick because he was the weakest guy, wouldn't everyone else have done the same????

Everyone always goes for the weaklings! I didn't hear anyone complaining when they chose other weak players go the Duel.

Leave Wes alone. He's a great player and you can't knock him for being a strategist.

Anonymous said...

hey i think wes is a doush bag and a slut and a horr

Anonymous said...

if you're gonna use those words, spell them right.


Anonymous said...

I feel for Wes though. If I had to be partnered with Casey I would get frustrated too because she is soooooooo bad.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think Casey will be a Challenge veteran unfortunately. She's really bad at them too.

Anonymous said...

when wes wears speedos he doesnt look big inside. So since he had a mohawk on fresh meat 2, I bet that my weiner can stay up longer than his mohawk. and hes a mother ******. Derrick has a bigger heart and deserves to win because he has desire. Anyway wes is a P*** because I understand that you wonna win this for your girlfriend but who cries on TV and calls himself Satan? Answer back

Ashton Kutcher p.s who cares if I can't spell, I am still making more moolah than you guys because im a celebrity. And I am making a new Punk'd season.

Anonymous said...

im so glad ashton took his busy time out of schnooking demi so he could post on this board. no, really ashton, thank you.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHHA. Ashton Kutcher my ass. Lets just face it. Wes is the best player that RWRR has ever had. peacccce.

Anonymous said...

Wes being the best on rw/rr history is the funniest thing I jsvre ever heard HHHaaa. Again Derrick could beat Wes in a number of challenges like Beach Brawl for sure, probaly Reverse Tug Of War, Name that Coconut, Ascender for sure, Capture The Flag. And I bet Double D would of kicked Wes and Casey if they would of faced each other in the Excile. And why would you say that Derrick is weak if he has eliminated the most people individually. He has beaten Syrus, Brad, Ace, and he beat Eric, and CT in one of the challenges from the Duel. And Derrick has the heart to win it and he is down to earth, which Wes is like the opposite. He's rude cky, and a big jerk. I agree with Kina when she sais " when will Derrick evre prove to every body that he deserves to win. And I bet D could of beat W if he tried because on the Aftershow he even said that he wasn't as agressive as he should of been. Answer Back guys

Anonymous said...

I think that they are both awesome competiters but wes is just bigger

Anonymous said...

they r both great, but wes is bigger and stronger. i feel wes was trying to prove a point that he was the best because derrick is like the "king of the gauntlet and wes is the "king of exile".

P.S. This was probably the most intense elimination challenge ever

Anonymous said...

okay...Derrick is so much better than everybody on these challenges....even Wes. I hate Wes and I don't give a shit about all you wes lovers...cause i think you are all blind and deaf to like Wes. He's ugly and he dosen't deserve to win ANY challenges! Derrick is hot and great compitition. Ohh and by the way....saying that Derrick is smaller than the rest of the guys isn't really a bad thing...i look at it as a good thing...he's smaller than all of these guys but he's beaten must of them. So fuck wes and go Derrick!