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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Denver Episode #19: Jenn breaks up with a boyfriend back home, Stephen loses a friend to Jenn, Tyrie goes crazy

Last night's episode of The Real World was pretty dramatic. We started off with Jenn (Denver) who is still recuperating after her tryst with Alex (Denver) when Corey came into town. She calls her boyfriend back at home. (She had a boyfriend?) Jenn then tells said boyfriend that she slept with Alex. Boyfriend puts the guilt trip on Jenn.

Meanwhile, Stephen's (Denver) friend Darnell comes into Denver. The two are friends since junior high and Stephen is excited to have a friend in town. Alex and Tyrie welcome the friend home by taking them both out to LoDo's.

Then, the story switches focus over to Tyrie (Denver). Tyrie is now dating Jazalle and actually says the three words every girl wants to hear: "I Love You". So, it looks all lovey-dovey up to this point. Tyrie even confesses that he hooked up with Ashley (flight attendant at the beginning of the show) when he was with Jazalle.

The roommates all go out. They go to a club opening where they're in the VIP section. Ashley has now switched jobs and she's a cocktail waitress. Coincidentally, she's the roommates' waitress. This sends Jazalle out of the club, angry and despondent with Tyrie. Meanwhile, Jenn, who heard that her boyfriend kissed other girls while she was in Denver, is beginning to flirt heavily with Darnell.

The roommates go back to the house. Darnell and Jenn are in heavy-flirting mode. Jenn even goes and asks Colie (Denver) if she should hook up with Darnell. Colie says, "Why not?" When Stephen sees the two kiss: "Jenn, that's messed up." So while all this is going on, Tyrie is trying to get Jazalle to calm down. They argue on the phone a bit and Jazalle comes to the house to talk to Tyrie.

It looks like everyone is pretty wasted at this point. The argument between Tyrie and Jazalle gets pretty heated with both of them yelling at each other. Tyrie pulls Jazalle into the bathroom and won't stop screaming at Jazalle. Jazalle attempts to leave the bathroom and Tyrie pulls her back in, not allowing her to leave. This happens once or twice, and then we see Jenn try to go inside the bathroom to help Jazalle... All this is said to be continued.

Next week: Police sirens and Tyrie in handcuffs...


Anonymous said...

Tyrie needs to attend anger management classes and get some well-needed therapy.

Jenn is a hypocritical whore and all I could do is laugh at her this entire episode. She's ridiculous. Sex is more intimate than kissing. Her boyfriend should've admitted that he kissed other whores but the only reason she's pissed is because she feels guilty. Now she's fucking Stephen's friend. Disgusting trash.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone can sleep with Jenn, all they have to do is buy her a six pack of beer first.

Anonymous said...

why does colie always sit in bed and read??

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with sitting in bed and reading?

Anonymous said...

I hate Jenn and Colie. Those are the biggest whores of Reality televison. They are up there with Tonya. Its funny how Colie gave Jenn advise to sleep with him. I see ehy they are best friends. Whores stick together.


Anonymous said...

clearly jenn is the way she is because she has daddy issues.

but i really don't see anything wrong with her behavior. she sees a guy she likes and hooks up with them. what's so wrong about that? guys do it all the time. it's not like she sleeps with anyone who is married. and she doesn't expect any commitment

Anonymous said...

1st of all, go back home if you're just gonna stay in bed and read!! Aren't you supposed to be on the real world for the experience and all that stuf?? But maybe Colie has had her share of fun... until she gets faded again and finds Alex. They need to find some regular girls for upcoming seasons, cuz these girls have issues.

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking idiot.

Experience =/= fucking randoms.