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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Denver Episode #20: Tyrie gets arrested and Jenn gets burned

This episode dealt with the aftermath of the Tyrie (Denver)/Jazalle incident. If you were watching last week, Tyrie was getting into a heated confrontation with Jazalle in the bathroom. Editors made it look like Tyrie could have gotten hauled off because of the altercation with her. Turns out, Tyrie was hauled off for much less.

After confronting Jazalle, Tyrie left the house angry and tried to cool off by walking down the street. Stephen (Denver) actually followed him and told him to cool it. Stephen was concerned because Denver Police had gathered outside the house after seeing Tyrie and Jazalle argue.

After cooling off, Tyrie decided to go urinate on the fence outside the house. The cops saw him. Tyrie was arrested for urinating in public. Jazalle seemed to be a little dazed from what happened, but the two were pretty much still together.

The next day, when Alex (Denver) and Stephen go to pick up Tyrie, he mentions that he no longer knows what he's doing in Denver. He might be wasting his time there. Tyrie calls his father, who doesn't have too much sympathy for him. His father reminds him how difficult it will be to explain this ordeal to his constituents in 10 or 15 years.

Meanwhile, Jenn (Denver) is still wrapping things up with her boyfriend, Jared. Jenn ended up flirting more and more with Darnell, especially after she found out that Jared was kissing other girls. Jenn decides that the two aren't in a relationship and she decides to "not give a damn." Darnell actually asks Alex if it's okay for him to hook-up with Jenn. Alex more than happily obliges. Jenn and Darnell end up sleeping together. The next day, Darnell talks about how the hook-up was short-lived, but he could die a happy man, because he slept with a Raiderette.

Quickly back to Tyrie and Jazalle, who have seemed to made up and are having dinner at a local restaurant. The two seem to have gotten over their drama and have decided to work things out because they love each other. Tyrie knows that he messed up, especially since Jazalle is afraid of aggressive men. Tyrie still leaves his future in Denver up in the air however.

Next week: Stephen confronts Colie (Denver) and Tyrie confronts his decision to leave.


Anonymous said...

Good episode. I like Jenn and all, but she sleeps with everyone. It's a lil too much. But yes, sleeping with a Raiderette would make me a happy man too.

Anonymous said...

I actually do like Jenn, her bluntness and laid backness, but damn girl, men won't ever respect you now

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's hot and funny too but drinks too much and I'd NEVER get in a committed relationship with that. Too much drama.

Anonymous said...

Tyrie's dad appears to be a great parent. Imagine where Tyrie would be without that voice of reason and influence.

Anonymous said...

tyrie is a good man at heart. he just needs to learn to control his anger. however, jazelle shouldn;t have gotten so jealous of ashley. she should have trusted tyrie to keep his distance. jenn...i love her to death but she's gotta get some help. she needs to figure out what she wants. i think that she lost respect from men. they won't ever take her seriously. if she doesn't stop hooking up with everyone, she wont be able to have a long term relationship