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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Viewers Revenge Season Finale: David gets kicked off, Dan gets back on, Monte kicks Dan off to win the Final Mission

The episode starts out with the whole cast being called back to the Pit. Drew reveals that there's a "major rules violation" that has been going on for the past couple of weeks. Apparently, David (Viewers Revenge) was feeding information to someone (presumably a website that has been posting spoilers a couple of days before each Pit) and he was kicked off almost immediately. The cast is stunned. Everyone is stunned.

The cast then is informed that Adam (The Quest) doesn't have to compete. Tori (Viewers Revenge) is informed that she's going up against Kristin (viewers' Revenge). Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Shane (Campus Crawl) will compete for the final spot in the RV. The Pit is this weird endurance challenge where the competitors have to stand on a pole on one foot. Tori easily beats Kristin. Dan beats Shane.

So, when the cast gets to their final mission/Pit Stop and they find out that there's a twist. If the Roadies fail to win their mission, they will have to send two more castmembers to a final Pit. The mission is to transfer boxes from one side of a truck to to another truck connected by a platform. The cast has to throw the boxes in the first trailer. The Pit Crew goes first and although Ivory (Viewers Revenge) has problems, the group manages to get three boxes. The Roadies go next and all the girls drop their boxes on the first run. Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Adam get all their boxes in the trailer, but Dan drops his on his run.

The Roadies lose. They have to go to the Pit. Kina (Extreme) decides to step it up and volunteer herself for the Pit. The guys come down to Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Dan with Kina casting the tie-breaking vote for Dan. If Kina and Dan lose the Pit, they will lose the handsome reward. They randomly select Angel (Viewers Revenge) and Monte (Viewers Revenge) to face-off against these Challengers.

The final Elimination Pit is a memory Challenge. Monte easily beats Dan. Kina beats Angel to maintain her spot on the RV. Kina and Monte come back to the RV to collect their prize.

The final Road Rules team stands as: (with three original alumni remaining/Pit Crew returning)

Adam (The Quest)
Derek (Viewers Revenge)
Monte (Viewers Revenge)
Kina (Extreme)
Susie (Australia)
Tori (Viewers Revenge)

The group of six see their cars, the Mazda 3. The group ends their trip on the same cliff in Malibu that it all started at.


Sadao said...

That's bullshit! if they really didn't want anyone leeking informations out, they shouldn't have let any of the cast use the internet or the phone without being monitored! That really sucks for David.

Anonymous said...

this finale ended horribly, how in the world could Monte win? he didn't do anything this season except lose twice in the pit. hes ugly and lame! he didnt deserve to win the car.

Anonymous said...

Yay Susie won! See, I was right, I was the one who thoguht David would be kicked off.

Anonymous said...

To the haters out there, Everybody on the show did something this season. Yes, Monte lost his Pit battles during the season, but as a classic underdog story goes, he prevailed in the end! Hate on that!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above comment on (haters)... i think it is poetic justice that monte won, b/c all season long the climate on the rv was keep all blacks contestants off the show (rv) by any means necessary. its a shame that the show went on as long as it did under these conditions.

Anonymous said...

Keep the black contestants off the RV? Are you kidding me?

Monte sucked. I didn't like him and I was happy to see him lose 2 pit battles. I'm a little pissed off that he beat out Dan to get the handsome reward. Like he earned it??????? Underdog story my ass! Too bad his final prize wasn't a garbage bag full of ties.

And I was happy to see David go. Couldn't stand that douschbag neither.

I'm just glad that this horrific season has finally come to an end! Bring back the old Road Rules.

Anonymous said...

David got served a raw deal in the end, and he was one of a handful of people who keep it real during the season. Even though David got x'ed, Monte pulled a true storyline underdog card out of the hat to put the roadies to shame with a victory in both the last challenge and the pit! Go Monte!!!

Anonymous said...

Monte = "Zoom Zoom", so take that and kiss his ass!

Anamoly said...

I actually enjoyed Road Rules for what its worth, but that was a ridiculous finale.

It makes NO sense that Adam is free from the Pit Stop again. He's been cruising behind his alliance and the producers basically GIVE him the game on the freakin' FINALE. For all the sensationalism MTV is capable of, they couldn't capitalize it on someone who's had it coming for a while.

What kind of Word Search, with such a stupid answer, is worthy of a season finale pit? And they chose names out of a fishbowl basically? Again, that is just anti-climatic and boring. I wish they could have chosen their challengers or the Pit Crew battled each other for a chance to battle a Roadie.

I almost wish this show was fixed. Veronica, for dramatic purposes, should've been in at least one of the final two pits.

With all my complaints, I still hope Road Rules comes back, but without viewer participation. I may be one of the few, but I enjoyed the addition of vote offs but ONLY if the RR fail their missions. The only good thing about the "Pit Crew" is that you get to know possible replacements before they join the cast.

Anonymous said...

The show ended as we here in Atlanta thought it would...where the DIRTY SOUTH represented once again. Big ups and mad love to Monte'...for using more than muscles (your brain) to win the car and cheese. That's how you do the dayum thing! Forget the losers who are posting ugly comments. They probably don't even have a car!...or would NEVER get a chance to do anything with TV BUT watch let them hate. In fact, let your haters be your motivators.

We are proud of you Monte'....and for the haters on the blog....that's how we do it in the south...we can figure out puzzles!

And...with the cheese Monte won...he will be tie shopping I am sure!

GO MONTE! GO MONTE! dance all the way to the bank!!!...who got the keys to the jeep??? (Mazda G3)

Anonymous said...

the best part of monte winning was how pissed adam probably was after all that crap monte talked on his blogs about "keep earning my money" who would have thought it would actually happen. haha eat that adam. it would have been better though if adam were left with 0.

Anonymous said...

Wow Monte won...big fucking deal. He's got nothing to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Monte is an ugly motherfucker and he didn't deserve to win. All the money he spends to buy dope is someone else's. Hope it lasts because this will be the last we hear of his dumb ass. No one knows who he is so it's not like he'll be invited to any Challenges.

Anonymous said...

What's the point in attacking him for winning? It's the stupidass show's fault. They made such a mess of Road Rules this year.

Anonymous said...

Haha Adam Kina and Suzie woooonnnn ha ha to all you annoying snotbags who were all 'I hope Adam Kina and Suzie lose, they dont deserve it' blah blah blah.

David did NOT help WIN any missions. If anything, they lost them all when his fatass was on the RV. Keep pumping the steroids in your blood you redneck asswipe. Stupid ass blew it for himself. Unfortunately he will milk his 'appearance' as much as he can until he OD's on drugs.

And why all of a sudden for someone who 'popped' a muscle was Derek all of a sudden healed!? That shit takes a lot of time to heal. Fukn pussy. Bitch it up people, I love that Adam Kina Tori and Suzie won. HA HAH HAAAAA UP YOUR ASSS YOU BITCHY COMPLAINERS!!! They're thousands of $ richer than your sorry asses! :)

Anonymous said...

Uh, no. I make more in five months than these loser assholes who have to keep going on some cheap ass reality tv shows to pay their bills. They won $80,000 and a cheap car. Big fucking deal. Get a real job.

Anonymous said...

oh I see... you must be their accountant. Nice try but.. no. Only a bullshitter would have to cop a statement like 'I make more in 5 months' you dont know how much money they have in their bank accounts so save it!

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that the only money they have in their pathetic bank accounts came from these dumb ass challenges. Half of their winnings go to taxes so they probably break $40,000 even. Half of the fucking nation makes more on average.

Go back to your pre-cal high school class and stop acting like you know shit.

Anonymous said...

wow I guess you told ME huh? Eat shit... look whos on an mtv message board trying to act like the mature adult. Get back to work you half assed blue collar worker! Again, you dont know what they have in their bank accounts you fuckbag. Let it rest already. Go away already. If it means that much to you, go to the big boys and girls website and leave us alone since you make bank and think you know everything.

Anonymous said...

This was staged.

The pit crew's truck was probably gonig slower then the Roadies. They knew Monte was smarter than dan and knew he could beat him. Probably all the names in the freaking bowl was LeMonte or Angel. Lmao. Also from previous missions where the other people decide if they won mtv pays them to say no.

Anonymous said...

That jealousy must be eating you alive. Get over the fact that there are hard working people in this world who make their money the old fashioned way rather than sucking dick and being buttfucked on national television for a buck or two and some cheap ass car. Go back to worshiping these famewhores, you prepubescent cunt.

Anonymous said...

Good lord I bet your co-workers must bow down to that filthy mouth of yours. If you're so bothered by all of this why are you even on here?

Can you tell me where you got your edu-ma-cation from? I wanna go there too because I wanna be an internet bully! 'Sucking dick' 'buttfucked' and 'prepubescent cunt'. Wow your folks must be SO proud of you and your mature language! Whooopdee fucking dooo!!

Anonymous said...

Good job avoiding the content of the comment completely.

Oh, and you're still a prepubescent cunt.

Santi said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Monte win more money than the Road Rulers?

Cause if that's the case than that's funny.

Anonymous said...

I dont really give a shit about the 'content' grow up hotshot 'I make more money in 3 months'. What are you 30? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

You don't care about the content because you can't think of shit to say. Go back to playing with your barbies and leave the sandbox to the big kids, moron.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Monte indeed won the most out of anybody. Dan was the only participant to walk away empty handed. Fuck this season.

Anonymous said...

no dan still gets paid just like everyone else that was on the pit crew. My question is how is Monte the underdog wouldnt the guy with the asthma who hasnt been in any pit at all and that one girl who hasnt been in the pit at all be the underdogs.

Im happy Dan didnt win, but thats thw way the game works especially a game where the rules change weekly.

Anonymous said...

No, Dan wasn't a part of the pit crew when they won $20,000. He competed with the roadies for the final misson (which they lost.)

Again, Dan got nothing.