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Monday, June 25, 2007

Jenn talks about how she was portrayed on the show, her time on the Inferno, and who's she still close to

Jenn (Denver) gave an interview with MTV Reality World to talk about her life in the past two years.

She talks about how she was casted, how she felt that her portrayal ended up, who's she still close to on her own cast, and how she felt about the Challenge experience in South Africa.

An interesting tidbit, Jenn auditioned for the Real World four years ago when she was fresh out of high school and made it to finals. Four years ago would have put her auditioning for the San Diego or Philadelphia cast.


Elliott said...

I liked Jenn, but Davis and Brooke were my favorite. I would've rather had Jenn on San Diego than Robin or Cameran and Philedelphia sucked :-(

Anonymous said...

How the hell could someone like Jamie potentially beat out Jenn? Jamie was boring as fuck. Jenn was a drunken idiot, but at least she was entertaining to point and laugh at.

Anonymous said...

Jenn seems like a really cool girl. Unlike a lot of the other MTV reality sluts, she seems like someone whose word you can take at face value. I definitely wish she would have beat Susie in the Inferno.

Anonymous said...

If it were for the San Diego Cast, Jenn probably didn't make it, because she was underaged but Robin wasn't, so she would make the better drunken idiot for that season.

Anonymous said...

Robin has huge boobs.

Anonymous said...

actually, they were casting for RW: Paris at this time.


Actually Svetlana was 19 on her season so she was underaged for drinking but they tsill picked her.

Also, I didnt watch either of the real world san deigo or philly so I would of happily accepted to Jenn to either of those.

Anonymous said...

jen is f'n hot!!!! and so is robyn

Anonymous said...

yeah is u are into chubby girls then u will sure like jenn n think she is hot

Anonymous said...

About the underage comment....Cameran was underage, they had to get her a fake ID. She still made it on that cast tho.

Anonymous said...

Jenn tried too hard to be "real" on the Inferno. I said to myself "Shut the fuck up" when she would say shut the fuck up. You were nothing like that in Real World.

Speaking of Real World, this is the best one since San Diego, but it still blew. There hasn't been a good challenge since the first Inferno as welll, except Fresh Meat.