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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Issac tells a newspaper that he put himself in the emergency room to attend a casting call and stayed in Sydney a month after Real World

Issac (Sydney), the castmember who is already being labeled the quintessential joker of Sydney, granted an interview with the local paper in Tucson, the Tucson Citizen. Issac attends the University of Arizona as a business major.

Issac reveals some tiny tidbits for the paper. Most notably, he tells the paper that, of course, he had the time of his life. He was getting paid to live his life in a mansion. He spent an extra month in Australia, working at a restaurant and backpacking up the Australian coast.

He wanted to apply for the Real World, but the day of the casting call, he was scheduled to go into court for a DUI. So, being the asthma sufferer he is, he smoked cigarettes until it put him in the emergency room and the courts gave him a week's extension. The rest is history.

He says that the seven of them were "cool" people, he generally got along with everyone, and that he messed with Cohutta (Sydney) the most. The seven of them left as friends, he says. He also tells the paper that although he wasn't supposed to tell the paper, one of the castmembers dies.


Anonymous said...

Isaac is cool.. he'll probably be my favorite guy

WTF? someone dies?.. that's intense

Anonymous said...

no one dies.. if you go to the article, Cohutta clears it up

Anonymous said...

The seven of them? So I guess someone is going to replace the girl who is kicked out...

Anonymous said...

there is an article from reality blurred that identifies a girl named Talhada working at Contiki Tours as part of the real world sydney cast.. the only one not mentioned was Shauvon Torres

Anonymous said...

no one dies! he is "being funny" again. what a jokster. ha! sike. dont try so hard isaac.

seems like that one stupid blonde bimbo gets the boot for some fuck named talhada? whatever this show sucks and so will this season

Anonymous said...

why are you posting here then?

anyway, so do we know FOR SURE which girl gets replaced yet?

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but several of the sites that named Talhada said he/she was from Georgia. I wonder if they just messed up the name Cohutta and guessed it was a girl rather than a guy. Kinda hard to tell from just the name....

Anonymous said...

Trisha gets in a fight and gets replaced.

Anonymous said...

Trisha gets replaced by some girl named ASHLI. If you look at Kelly Ann and Parisa's Myspace, she is on their top friends. However, her myspace is set on private =/

It looks like Parisa is happy that Trisha got replaced bc it's apparent that she got really close with AHLI. She's even on her top 4 friends on her myspace

Anonymous said...

Why do these people all have stupid, unorthodox names?? Ashli, Ashlee, Ashyli, Acheley, parents really think this is adorable?

Anonymous said...

Ashli Robson
19 yrs old
residing in Huntington, CA, but originally from Georgia

Girl in red/white top

Girl in blue top

Anonymous said...

there are a bunch of comments on ashli's myspace about being in sydney etc etc, i miss you's, and comments from kellyanne and parisa

Mac said...

i think that spelling her name like that (ashli) is hot. looks like a great person to get to know!

Rod said...

I actually went to school with her....her name is Ashli ...she's from Georgia and she really is hot as hell and real cool...