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Friday, April 06, 2007

Susie compares Viewers Revenge to Australia and this may be her last hurrah on MTV

Viewers Revenge alumni Susie (Australia) gives an exclusive interview to BuddyTV where she reveals that she might retire from Challenges.

Susie, who originally appeared on Road Rules: Australia when she barely turned 18, was a self-proclaimed "superfan" of the show. She made a casting tape when she turned 18 and was sent to Australia to become part of Road Rules history. After taping the Inferno III, she begged producers to let her be a part of another Road Rules experience, but comes to the conclusion that the two games are far different.

"I think that it’s changed the way everybody’s played the game," Susie explains in the interview. The voting off and interactive element of the show has caused "some of the cast members... [to] monitor their behavior and change like, their character to maybe please the audience." She also goes on further to explain the backstabbing nature of the game and how the dynamic will shift as we near the end of the game. "The volunteering and you know playing it nice might start to fade a little bit in favor of you know more cut throat strategies."

Finally, she mentions that she might be done with Road Rules, Challenges, and other MTV-related things after this stint. "I just really appreciate what Road Rules has brought to my life and it’s been so rewarding but I’m an old lady now and I think I’m going to move on to a different stage but I feel like I’m passing the torch to Tori because she’s only just begun."


Patricia said...

Australia will forever rank as my favorite Road Rules season of all time, I miss the good ole days of Susie and Christina. )=

What can I say? I'm a fan of the old school. Give me Australia and Northern Trail any day of the week and I'm SET. Same goes for Real World -- perfectly content with Miami and Seattle. I miss Lindsay and Janet.

Anonymous said...

If this was to be the last that we would ever see Susie, Kena and/or Tori, I couldn't be happier.

I am so sick of their whining and crying and thinking that they are so much better than everyone else.

What happened to the volunteering system? Tori never volunteers herself to go to the pit...why is that?

Get Angel, Veronica and Shane back on the RV and get rid of Adam, Susie, Kena and Tori once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Oh please let it be true! No more Susie! Now that is something worth praying for!

I ♥ RR/RW said...

Susie Rocks, She is the only nice one on MTV these days. Susie kicks ass

Anonymous said...

What in the world qualifies Susie as being 'nice'?
She hasnt done anything to show that she is. She actually has made herslef look like a bitch.
And she defienalty is the weakest member on the RV and hasnt kicked ass in any of the missions.

Anonymous said...

Susie isn't nice... She plays nice. HUGE DIFFERENCE. She plays nice to win in the end. BUT - when the Inferno 3 airs and they show her punching a guy in the face, I'd say we will all see right through Susie - not so nice. If she was a true Christian, one of her favorite hobbies would be "making fun of people" - which she posted on her myspace a few months back. She stated that 87% of her time was put toward making fun of people - what a great Christian and what a great way to express the Christian faith, huh? It actually makes me sick!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice? Maybe. Fake bitch? Maybe. Interesting? Not a chance.

Anonymous said...

aSusie was never my cup of tea. She's just there. She was sort of like a helpess puppy at first, and you just felt bad for her.
But now she has matured into a vicious vile bitch.
Its quite sickening.

Anonymous said...

This will be her last season. She is entering divinity school to pursue a PhD in theology. I'll not be sorry to see her go because I think she will make a better contribution to society elsewhere than on MTV where views thrive on hate, conflict, violence, alcohol, drugs and sex. It's a depressing commentary on American culture.