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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rivals Recap: You're Not Going to Have Carbs?

The episode began where the last week's left off in the club. CT (Paris) defended Adam (Paris) against attacks from the Mob. While everyone thought CT would throw a punch, getting him sent home, CT vigorously defended Adam. We also got flashbacks of Paris and various Challenges, showing various stages of their friendship. While Adam wants to be a good teammate, he can't help but remember being pushed around in Paris, had a beer dropped on his head in the Inferno 3, and being punched in the face on the Duel 2.

Before the Final Jungle, Laurel (Fresh Meat 2) talks about her and CT. While she didn't expect to like anyone on these Challenges, she's definitely developed a bond with CT. She brings him breakfast in the morning. The final Challenge is called "T-bone" where the teams have to exchange balls through a 2-way intersected pit. The first two players to completely exchange all their balls wins. CT is excited to finally hit people in the Challenge. The Challenge doesn't end up being about the physicality, but more about speed. Adam messes up by not picking up the correct balls in the beginning, but it eventually comes down to one ball for both Adam and Tyler. Adam is unable to climb up the hill, stumbling, giving Tyler the win.

Upon returning to the house, Laurel is despondent over the departure of CT. The teams then learn that they're going to Patagonia for the final Challenge. Approaching the final Challenge, Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2) and Wes (Austin) get into yet another argument. Wes seems to be going after Cara Maria. The argument actually provides closure for Cara Maria as she finally confronts Wes.

The morning of the final, both Tyler (Key West) and Jenn (Denver) wake up with food poisoning. The medic actually recommends that Tyler can't go on, but he ignores the medic. TJ introduces the final challenge, as having a water portion, followed by a kayak race, followed by a footrace. The girls go first, with Jenn and Mandi (Fresh Meat 2) immediately fall behind on the kayak. Evelyn and Paula make it out of the water first, but Laurel and Cara Maria are right behind them. The guys end the episode trying to figure out the kayaks.

Check out yesterday's post, to find out who wins the Challenge Rivals [SPOILER].


Anonymous said...

Do you think that it was really food poisoning?

Evie said...

Im so sad that CT and Adam lost Rivals. They really deserved to win-they worked together better than any of the other teams. I really respect CT for owning up to his mistake and trying to make Amends with Adam-that makes him a big man in my book. It pissed me off that the others called him an Animal thats just them being scared talking. He isnt an animal-he was going through a tough time and lost it but if Adam could forgive him then everyone else should just shut the f*ck up and stop being scared punks. I guess now Im hoping Leroy and Mike win because I have no respect for the other two teams.

Anonymous said...

45 4TR5