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Monday, July 29, 2002

David and Julie are the first to be sent home from the Challenge; Las Vegas cast spotted; Chicago is selling their stuff

We have a lot of news today. Hold onto your hats...

Anyway, welcome our new poster RWRRB Admin3! We are no longer looking for any new posters at this moment. But we are proud to have him as a new poster, bringing you news every single day.

We recieved an email from someone visiting Jamaica, who saw two Real Worlders at the airport. You already know ONE of them, but here's the email:

"As I was flying home from Jamaica on about July 17th and the plane landed in Miami. David from the Real World LA got off the plane as well. I knew that the Challenge was being filmed in Jamaica and I had seen Julie at the airport as well and got her autograph. I asked David what he was doing there and he said he was done with the challenge. Therefore him and Julie must have been voted off at the same time. I heard that Julie was the first to go on the women's side. So David of RW2 must have been the first on the men's side to go."

So, David from the Los Angeles season was voted off early! However, there is speculation that the Battle is windling down to its final contestants. There is no word on if there is an inner circle, if there will be a small group remaining in the end. No one seems to really know. However, we do know that voting off occurs in GENDERS and not SEASONS as Julie was sent home, and not Melissa.

Also, in Las Vegas news... We got the first semi-picture of cast members. Someone was taking pictures in the Palms nightclub and saw the opportunity to take a shot:

You can see the cameraman at the right. They are filming a male and a female. Interesting but not too revealing. :) This is pretty much the first shot of the Real Worlders at all. Usually, there are an abundance of pictures and their names are already all over the internet. Apparently, that's not what it's like this season. Only speculation on message boards. We'll keep you updated as more becomes available.

And finally, Pool and Spa are giving away the hot tub from the Chicago season. It'll be your chance to win the hot tub where Keri, Cara, Tonya, Kyle, Theo, Chris and Aneesa chilled so many a nights. To enter the contest online, go to Pool and Also, if you win, drop us a line at

Also, there is a Road Rules episode tonight! Watch it, analyze it, write us a little blurb about it. Email it to us at and we'll post the best ones tomorrow!

That's it for now! Have a great day!

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