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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Las Vegas premiered tonight; Frank tells TVGuide he was embarassed, Brynn says she'll never do the Real World again; Kyle and Lori are dating

Being hailed as one of the most innovative, dramatic seasons of all the twelve, the producers of the long time running show, The Real World promise that their Las Vegas installment would be one of the best. Now that the first episode has aired, there has been mixed reaction to Trishelle, Brynn, Irulan, Arissa, Alton, Steven and Frank and the circus called the Real World.

Personally, I thought that the episode was a little too much too soon. We accurately reported most of the dramatics of the first episode about two weeks ago (That's for all you haters at the message boards.) And we did see the love triangle... (Love square, rather) of Steven, Trishelle, Frank and Brynn. Most people who are new to the show emailed in saying that the first episode absolutely disgusted them. They were appalled by the season's tackiness and fake reactions of the castmembers. However, long standing fans of the series have applauded the first episode, saying that it has all the dramatics of a classic Real World season. More than likely, production decided to jump into a huge issue far too soon. That should've been a third episode topic... not a first episode topic. However, Las Vegas is promising a lot more than this love square, so they probably had to fit that into the first episode. What do you think? Email us at

Have you seen the new issue of TV Guide? Well, there is an article detailing the behind the scenes drama that went on when the castmembers first moved into the house. Apparently, within minutes of meeting each other Steven had his hands on Trishelle's leg, maybe foreshadowing impending moments to come. They also had trouble with the elevator. (They have to push in a secret code.) There's also an incident where on their way to Ghostbar, the cast takes the emergency stairs only to be led to a dead end. On their way back to the elevator, they lock two cameras in the stairwell. It also has a short profile of each castmember. Frank says that he's pretty embarrassed about the first episode, leading us to believe that this will blow over. Brynn rates the Real World experience with a 5, saying that she would never do it again. It's a pretty interesting article.

Wanda over at Eonline had her chat on Monday. Just to keep those who want to know informed, she only reported on Cara's appearance on Jenny Jones. She also talked about Lori and Kyle dating... Which we both reported to you several days ago.

Also, we are unfortunately behind on the site with all the new things. It's a lot of work, but thanks for waiting!

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