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Monday, July 22, 2002

Eric and Julie post on their websites about the upcoming Battle of the Sexes

Hey everybody! The following news IS spoiler information about the Battle of the Sexes. Read with caution. If you do not want to know anything about the Battle... don't read!

Two participants from the Battle have posted information on their respective websites... Showing us that there have been people voted off. However, one doesn't mention ANYTHING about the Battle, only leading us to ponder his whereabouts.

That person is Eric from The Campus Crawl. Check out his site at Road Rules Blog. He did, however, post information about an auction he's putting on. BID! BID! BID! Here's the post:

"Hey Everyone,
As most of yall know, I am moving. Unfortuantly I am moving to a smaller place, and will not be able to take all of my stuff with me. This means that my friend will be selling some stuff online. He is putting up a shirt from tonight's mission at Tulane. The item number is: 1551423137
I hope that everyone is enjoying the seaon as much as I am.

Your Roadie,

No word if he was actually voted out, but nevertheless, interesting to know. He's selling a jersey that he wears in tonight's episode. Here's the LINK. He entitles it as "Mission Shit".

Also, one we know who WAS voted off is Julie from the Real World: New Orleans. If you missed that catfight with Julie and Melissa over their websites and You missed quite a bit. Julie had written a blurb about how closed off she felt Melissa was in New Orleans. Melissa fiercely responded in her website, saying that she had too much on her for Julie to be talking like that. Melissa also said something about telling Julie on a previous occasion to keep her name out of her mouth. So... there was HUGE speculation about an alliance being formed PRIOR to the Battle to kick Julie off. (Let's see if they kick Julie or Beth S. off first...) However, we do know that Melissa had formed many tight bonds with other cast members such as Amaya, Lori, and so many more... We couldn't say the same for Julie. Julie also revealed more spoilers, such as the winner will get EVERYTHING this time... no splittin'! Plus, they're not competing on season teams in the respect that they won't be voted off at the same time. (Apparently, the voting comes with the girls and the guys doing the voting... No word on any inner circle or things of that nature.) Here's the post:

"Well, the challenge was actually worse than I had imagined. Not that I was there long enough to even get a real feel for it. Before I even walked through the door, I had the odds against me. Between a less than warm greeting and a team of girls prepared to give me anything but the benefit of the doubt and a chance to say hello, I found myself back with Gabe before I could say "ya mon".

But if I had to go home, I was so so thankful to go home early, since the winner of this one takes all. Even though I am an intense competitor, I honestly don't think I could have lasted the whole month without any allies. It's set up that way. And I missed Gabe. We really do have more important things to do at home anyway. Life is about to get really interesting.

It's funny - I was only gone for a work week, but it was so good to get home. I love my life in Huntington so much. I really have zero desire to be anywhere else, or with anyone else. You can take Jamaica, Life is good here."

Here's the specific link to her diary: LINK

Have a great night and submit those Road Rules synopsis' to

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