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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Gauntlet may be filming in Rhode Island

If there's one thing about this new Challenge that is for certain: The outcome will not be a surprise. Filming in exotic locales or traveling around places, we usually do not know what's going on with the Challenge once it begins filming. Usually, castmembers reveal tidbits about what will happen, who gets voted off, who wins. Well, this next seventh installment of the Challenge seems to be holding no secrets.

The seventh season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge will begin filming on June 27 in Newport, Rhode Island. They are filming in a "castle-like" mansion called Ivy Tower. The word is 28 castmembers (14 from Real World, 14 from Road Rules) will be competing at the Tower for consecutive weeks until someone wins $300,000. The mansion is located at 533 Bellevue Ave in Newport. Newport residents are actually welcoming the Challenge, citing a need for tourism. They are actually going to start construction on the house, putting a pool on the premises. MTV has already begun scouting out places for missions such as Newport Harbor, Fort Adams, and Navy facilities. If you live in Newport, get ready for MTV. Check out the article, here. You have to register, but I included all the information so you don't have to. Thanks to Marlena for the information.

Some interesting information about the location of the house that's not included in the article. It's a stone's throw away from Salve Regina University (a Catholic liberal arts college), so expect to see some college students on the show. There are several parks in the vicinity and you can see the ocean from the house. Long Island and Providence are not far away. Should make for some interesting television. The house actually sold for 2.9 million dollars a few months ago, so you can imagine how huge this house will be. Here's an aerial image of the house taken from a satellite. Not very clear, but you can imagine what the grounds will be like.

NOTE: I have been just given notification that RealityTVWorld has images of the house taken from a real estate website.

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