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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gauntlet 2 airing all over again at halfway point, new promos being shown

Good news for all you Gauntlet II fans out there! MTV will be airing a halfway-there marathon today starting at 3PM (Check MTV's On-Air Schedule for your listings), rehashing every single episode of the Gauntlet. So if you missed Jo's (San Francisco) abrupt departure, Aneesa's (Chicago) now legendary fight with Cara (South Pacific) and the love triangle between Jodi (Extreme), Robin (San Diego) and Mark (USA Tour 1), this is the time to catch it!

Update: Well, if you were lucky enough to catch the marathon while the Super Bowl was airing, MTV was airing new promos of the Gauntlet (alongside the tourist-themed Key West promos), showing scenes from the remainder of the season. Although we're halfway done and some of the more controversial castmembers have stepped out, the promo assures us that there is plenty of drama left in this season.

A new episode of the Gauntlet airs tomorrow, so naturally, we'd like to preview the next episode. So if you don't want to know what happens in this and in future episodes (although MTV has been spoiling which team loses the team mission in their last two promos), highlight to read:

As the promo suggests, the Rookies will continue their winning streak winning the bullriding challenge. As the promo also suggests, the Veterans select Syrus (Boston) to face off against Derrick (Extreme) in the Gauntlet. Expect Derrick to pull through on this one, although I haven't received an absolute confirmation on this yet. The episode will also focus on the relationship between Alton (Las Vegas) and Jodi (Extreme), which will also be a storyline in weeks to come...

Next week, expect the accused alliance come to come back, as the Veterans will finally break their losing streak. Kina (Extreme) keeps a promise that she made in a previous episode making for a great showdown in the Gauntlet.

Also, in Blog news: We hit nine million visitors! To celebrate, we're going to be making some minor changes to the Blog (some of which you may already may see). Thanks to all our visitors for being so loyal and those who keeping coming back day after day. We really enjoy breaking down the latest news for you guys and we hope you enjoy it too!

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