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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jodi clears the air between her, Danny, Adam, and Mark in the Gauntlet

Overdrive Episode Summary
Jodi (Extreme) | Tuesday February 7, 2006

Danny, Adam and Mark

So in this week's interview, everyone expected that Blair would get right into the juicy questions, but Jodi managed to avoid them altogether. She spoke briefly about her argument with Danny (Extreme) and how she was just sticking up for herself because he was yelling at her. Then they moved into her hookup with Adam (The Quest). In a previous show, Adam had already told Blair that they hooked up the first day. But when she said it never went past flirting, Blair just let it go. She then explained that the relationship between her and Mark (USA Tour 1) actually happened only a little before this show started taping. Mark actually wrote an email to her mom claiming that he was falling in love with Jodi. (She still has the email!) He lead her to believe that he was serious about her and then soon afterwards told her over the phone that he needed space. She never heard from him until the show, where it was thrown in her face that he was still interested in Robin (San Diego). -(submitted by Heather)

The Beat Blair Challenge

Blair competed against Jodi in a competition to see who could cry first. Overdrive put together video clips of Jodi crying over her reality television experiences which was very entertaining, and she was victorious over Blair.

Finally Blair wanted some dirt on the cast. Jodi participated in a word association game and these were her answers...

-Alcohol : Beer
-Landon (Philadelphia) : Cute
-Adam : Hot
-Alton (Las Vegas) : Hot
-Mark : Idiot
-Robin : Cool
-Danny : &*%$##
-Veronica (Semester At Sea) : Manipulative
-Rachel (Campus Crawl) : Strong
-Blair : Sweet -(submitted by James)

Then it was on to "Me No Likey". Jodi considers not doing what you say will do a deal breaker in a relationship. She also dislikes people reading over her shoulder (kind of a strange pet peeve) and when people complain.

Last but not least, we have the "Sh*t You Didn't See". First we see Landon, Jodi, Katie (The Quest), and Adam (Paris) doing some interesting dance moves. Then we see Jodi and Alton sleeping next to each other in bed all snug and comfy (I wonder what happened!). -(submitted by Ben H.)

Remember, Cara (South Pacific) will be appearing on Overdrive nexr week. This should be a doozy of an Overdrive. I'm also told that Comcast on Demand users can actually access episodes through their TV. Thanks for the visitors who submitted their reviews!

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