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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Denver casting special hosted by Paula and Tyler is now up on Overdrive

The casting special, which was originally thought to be hosted by Dan (Miami) but is now hosted by Paula (Key West) and Tyler (Key West), is now up on Overdrive. So here's a play-by-play:

Jenn - 22 (Martinez, CA) - Cheerleader since 5 years old. She used to cheer with the Oakland Raiders. She doesn't have many friends that are girls, but has many friends that are guys. She's a party girl.

Alex - 21 (Houston, TX) - Swimmer from the ASU swim team. No longer swims. Is more confident in himself as he grows older. Not a "chronic bachelor". Not ready to give the hard work for true love.

Colie - 22 (New Jersey, New Orleans) - President of her sororitory at Tulane. Remodeled her sororitory the day before Katrina hit. Her casting tape showed her touring destroyed New Orleans and helping rebuilding New Orleans. Claims drinking brings the worst in her.

Sneak Peek Clip: Alex kissing both Jenn and Colie on seperate occasions. Then the three of them kissing in a bar together.

Davis - 22 (Marietta, GA) - From Stetson University. Works at the Stetson University Post Office. Likes the attention of girls and the guys being jealous of him. Comes from an extremely Christian background. Has "two girlfriends" who he likes the attention from, hoping that they turn him straight.

Stephen - 22 (Sacramento, CA) - Goes to Howard University. Used to do things "by the book." Was Student Body President from the 6th grade. Student President of the Howard University, his fraternity, and he is a black Republican. Grew up Baptist in a Conservative environment. Part of the reason that he's not a Democrat is because of their support of gay marriage.

Sneak Peek: Stephen telling Davis that there's something wrong with him for being gay. Then Davis telling Stephen there's something wrong with him being black.

Brooke - 24 (Nashville, TN) - She's an only child. Both parents are psychologists. She is a girly-girl. At 14 years-old, she was dating a 18 year-old drug addict and she lost her virginity at 14. Never was a slut, but was "highly sexual." Has had anxiety problems since she was 8, has had panic attacks since she was 18.

Tyrie - 23 (Omaha, NE) - Goes to University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He has the reputation of being "anti-white" and his preference for white women is due to his "liking ass." Has gone through a rough childhood. He was in a gang. Tae Kwon instructor and has been doing so for eight years, he's an instructor at the university.

It then shows Brooke and Tyrie being accepted on the show. They're both at home and they are told on the phone they are accepted. Both yell and jump for joy.

Sneak Peek: Cast toast, girls on a bar, dare from Tyrie for Alex to lick Colie, sexual tension between Alex and Jenn, Jenn apologizing to Colie (crying), Davis and Stephen discussing homosexuality over lunch, Davis and Tyrie fighting with Davis hitting the pull-up door in frustration, Brooke yelling at someone. Then a little snipet of fun times. Then, Tyrie gets in Davis' face (which looks like another incident), Jenn fighting with Tyrie in a van.

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