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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Real World Denver two-minute trailer shows up Overdrive, transcript is here

The Denver trailer has been posted at Overdrive. This is the 2-minute clip that is airing on MTV. It introduces us to the conflict between Alex, Brooke, Colie, Davis, Jenn, Stephen and Tyrie. We've tried to make it as coherent as possible, but it's a full transcript of what is said. Without further ado, here's the transcript:

It opens looking at the mountains of Denver, storm clouds abrewing. To the house.

Brooke: Don't you talk to me like that ever again!

Stephen and Davis confront each other.

Stephen: I think it's wrong that you're gay.

Davis: What if I said that I think it's wrong that you're black.

Alex and Jenn are in the living room/shower.

Jenn: Do you trust me?

Alex: I am really attracted to you a lot.

Jenn: I am so sorry. I don't want to do that to you.

Ambulance screeches by.

One of the girls crying.

Tyrie: I'm trying to talk to you like a man, but you're gonna walk away from me like a boy?

Davis: I think I saw something last night that just kinda scared me.

Davis fighting with what looks to be Tyrie, with Brooke in between the two of them.

Colie: You worry so much about being here.

Alex: If you want to be with me, just tell me you want to be with me.

Jenn: You asked me to be this person and now you're yelling at me.

Davis: Living here is the most unstable environment I've ever been in.

Stephen yells at Jenn.

Stephen: You shut the fuck up. You don't even know what's going on here.

Stephen, Davis and Alex talking in the kitchen about Jenn.

Alex: Everything she says is to get you where she's at. You take the most personal things you can ever think of and crush her right there.

Jenn is crying in the arms of Davis with Brooke and Colie standing nearby.

Jenn: Life isn't about Tyrie. Welcome to the real world. This is not Tyrie's world, this is ours.

Jenn gets up to fight.

Brooke: Stop it! Stop it!

Alex: If there's one girl I would want to be with, it would be you.

Tyrie (to someone not on the cast): I want you here, I called you my baby for a reason.

Brooke: If I can't even talk normally... just... I hate this place. God!

Tyrie: I'm not taking the blame for that.

Alex (to Jenn): You know you've said things and I've said some things and you know that you're a wonderful person. I love you so much.

Tyrie: Yes or no?! Did you leave him? I'm not taking a backseat to anybody, if you started it, I'm gonna squash you.

Davis (crying): If you're gonna hit me ever, you hit me right now.

Unidentified male: Everybody sometimes messes up.

Davis: My worst nightmare is if I had done what I did last night.

Davis leaves the house gate with a bag over his shoulder.

The Real World: Denver

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