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Friday, November 17, 2006

Duel Episode #6: Let the scrambling begin, the girls partner with the boys, Diem doesn't save Eric, "Tenderoni" goes home

So now that the newest alumni are gone (aka Key West) everyone is getting a bit worried as to which alliance will be targeted next. If you're paying attention, there's three alliances: 1) the "tenderoni" alliance (Beth (Los Angeles), Nehemiah (Austin), Wes (Austin), Aneesa (Chicago), Svetlana (Key West))); 2) the "drama mafia" (CT (Paris), Diem (Fresh Meat), Derrick (Extreme), Kina (Extreme), Jodi (Extreme), Robin (San Diego), and to some extent Brad (San Diego)); and there's 3) the "Fresh Meat" alliance (Evan (Fresh Meat), Eric (Fresh Meat)) It's readily apparent that the Fresh Meat alliance, being the smallest, will be targeted first. But there's varying degrees of loyalty between the alliances: Diem is a part of the "Fresh Meaters", Brad is more of a floater and Robin pulls him into the "Drama Mafia" (same thing with Derrick and Kina, Svetlana is more of an outsider as well.)

So with the strategy lesson posted above, it becomes evident that since there isn't really any smaller groups to target, it's likely that the alliances will implode on themselves and people will start going home. This sends everyone into a tizzy. Because there are less people to choose to go into the Duel, it becomes apparent that the alliances will have to battle it out against each other.

When the mission comes up, the guys are mega-critical of the girls, namely because the girls performances heavily affect the guys. Evan picks Kina, who after he doesn't express the greatest amount of confidence in because she is a "lot of talk", propels him to victory with her quick time. Eric interestingly chose Beth. Anyway, the pecking order is set off with the "drama mafia" being picked first as Evan chooses Kina. The last guy chosen was Wes. Diem makes this choice, which she presumes pisses Eric off because they are in an alliance together. The last two guys are Nehemiah and Eric, with Beth having to make the decision. Beth says that she doesn't like Eric, and of course, she can't leave out her "tenderoni", she picks Nehemiah. Eric picks Nehemiah, because he's 80% talk.

The two compete in "I Can" and Eric is challened to lift 165 logs. (They max out on the number of logs they can lift, which is kinda weak.) Anyway, Eric pulls through and sends "tenderoni" home. Next week, the "tenderoni" alliance will be faced with dwindling numbers, especially since there is only one guy left on that alliance.

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