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Friday, November 17, 2006

Aftershow: "Tenderoni" visits Blair and is teased for his relationship with Beth

Nehemiah (Austin) said the Challenge was pretty overwhelming, having all the outlandish personalities, knowing your names, and ready to battle it out. Wes (Austin) tried to help out telling him not to get people angry.
Unlike, Fresh Meat, Nehemiah didn't feel that he was targeted, because Key West was targeted. Until they were voted out. Blair also makes fun of how Beth and him met before the show for the Reality TV Calendar. He aligned up with Beth because of what he knew of her. He didn't want to hate her because he didn't like the "high school" vibe. He admits to cuddling with Beth, while Blair is laughing while Nehemiah compares Beth to warm apple pie. Beth was one of the only people he could talk to.

Nehemiah learns that "money is the root of all evil." When there's that much money at stake, he invokes the snake analogy again.

Then the basket game:

Wes: is his "boy", he deserves to win because of his work ethic, they'll be friends forever especially if he wins.

John (Key West): his name says it all. He doesn't seem like he's very fond of him. He takes a shot at him. He doesn't like him and he tells him to his face. "Too loud for his own good." Doesn't have anything intelligent to say. He got play more than everyone in the short time he was there.

Svetlana (Key West): She was cute. People are underestimating her because people thought she was stupid, but she was playing the game well. Then they talk about Fitz wearing a bikini and get all excited.

Eric (Fresh Meat): They're friends. He's a really cool guy, happy guy, enjoys life.

Evan (Fresh Meat): He likes Evan. They had a conservation with Wes and Evan where they shoot him down.

Diem (Fresh Meat): He related to Diem because his cousin passed away from cancer.

Beth (Los Angeles): "Sweet irony", he draws himself into a corner and says that he saw her naked, and was pleasantly surprised.

Nehemiah gets a XBOX360, which is kinda weird since everyone else got a free plane ticket for two wherever they wanted in the continental United States.

The Sh*^ You Didn't See: Wes making fun of Eric's high fives, Nehemiah criticizes Kenny, Nehemiah, Kenny, Evan, Eric and CT sidestepping in a bar.

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