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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cara goes on Overdrive to explain why her alliance was targeted

Overdrive Episode Summary
Cara (South Pacific) | Monday February 13, 2006

The Interview

Cara continues to deny the alliance. She says Brad (San Diego) had the initial idea and right after that conversation went down, she was talking to Jillian (Extreme) and Susie (Australia) about it. And that's when it all started. She also cleared up the rumor about her hooking up with Jamie (New Orleans). It was nothing more than flirting. She counts posing for Playboy as the most liberating time of her life.

Beat Blair Challenge

The Drama Wheel... Ahh, the juicy details come out. First, it lands on Susie. She admitted that the two of them spit on Ibis' (Extreme) pillow and Susie may have spit on Jillian's (Extreme) pillow as well. Next is Danny (Extreme). He apparently was "loony" and did pull-ups everywhere that he went. He also hated Jodi (Extreme) so much that he claimed he would hit her with a car. Kina (Extreme) was next on the drama wheel. "Crazy Bitch" were the first words out of her mouth. She claimed that Brad (San Diego) told her that Randy (San Diego) cheats on Kina.

Wheel of Truth

The wheel lands on "What If..?"

Blair: What if you could take back one thing you've done in your life?

When she was a child, she was playing with kittens. She put them in a box and to keep them from getting out, she stacked books on top and accidentally killed one of them. To be fair, she was really sad about it and it was a total accident. She loves kittens. She would take it back in a heartbeat.

The wheel lands on "Word 4 Word":

Danny: Crazy
Kina: Her head is big. Bobble Head
Robin (San Diego): Boobs "I think she wants to be in Playboy"
Susie: An Angel in disguise. Delicious sense of humor
Blair: Player "You have a reputation of gettin' with ladies!"

The Sh*t You Didn't See

Susie and Cara wrestling. Susie and Cara talking about who has nicer boobs. A replay of Aneesa (Chicago) going off on Cara. THEN later that day, Aneesa admitting she went a little crazy and she fucked up. They made nice and re-introduced themselves to each other.

Thanks to Heather (once again) for submitting her Overdrive episode summary. Until next week!

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