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Friday, July 28, 2006

MJ is expecting his first child with another reality tv veteran

MJ (Philadelphia) is expecting his first child with fellow reality television star Mandy Weaver. If you're unfamiliar with Mandy, she was a part of The Real Gilligan's Island 2. You can check out her FHM pics here. The couple is living in Nashville and the baby is due in February. Currently, MJ is traveling the country speaking at colleges and working on an upcoming television project. Mandy is pursuing her acting career and her passion for interior design. Congrulations to the new parents!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dan is dispensing advice as a 90's icon; Duel picture appears on the internet

Dan (Miami) is dispensing advice as a 90's icon in the latest edition of Nerve Magazine. Be sure to check it out.

Also, someone pointed me to this picture of castmembers during the new challenge filming in Brazil. Check that out as well.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Diem shares her cancer struggle; Cast of the Duel is revealed along with winners

Diem (Fresh Meat), who shared her cancer struggles with Derrick (Extreme) on the Challenge, has begun to share her story online. You can check out her interview she gave about her cancer and the foundation she started: here. Yhis link is her foundation's website.

So the next Challenge is apparently being called The Duel. It's filmed in Brazil and the following is the list of castmembers that will be appearing on it. It has been confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. It's guys versus girls this time, as I believe that the guys and girls are competing for a seperate grand prize.

If you want to know who ends up in the final four, highlight to read: Brad v. Wes & Jodi v. Svetlana

Aneesa (Chicago)
Brad (San Diego)
Beth S. (Los Angeles)
CT (Paris)
John (Key West)
Nehemiah (Austin)
Paula (Key West)
Robin (San Diego)
Svetlana (Key West)
Tyler (Key West)
Wes (Austin)

Casey (Fresh Meat)
Diem (Fresh Meat)
Derrick (Extreme)
Eric (Fresh Meat)
Evan (Fresh Meat)
Kenny (Fresh Meat)
Kina (Extreme)
Jodi (Extreme)
Tina (South Pacific)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tina fights with Beth early on in the new Challenge; Theo makes it to the last round of Last Comic Standing

I'm told that Tina (South Pacific) has posted some pictures of the new Challenge up on her MySpace. Word is that she was sent home rather early because she gets into a fight with Beth (Los Angeles). She has made her MySpace profile private, so you can't really see it unless you're listed as her friend.

The final episode of Last Comic Standing airs tonight. We'll learn if Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) got a chance to appear on the final show through the online voting contest.

Also, things have been really SLOW in terms of news. We update as often as we get news, but lately things have been dry. If you have any information, feel free to send it to us! Thanks!