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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Viewers' Revenge Episode #1: The Roadies meet up in Malibu for the car bungee; Veronica and Shane are nominated

The six alumni gather on a cliffside in Malibu. They talk about how their excited about going back to the RV. Then, they see the RV roll up.

Drew Bell, the self-proclaimed Roadmaster, announces that each week, the Roadies will be competing for a $10,000 prize that will added to the handsome reward pot. If they make it to the end, they split the prize. But, then, Drew announces, you have to defend your spot each week when at least one castmember will be sent to the "Pit" to battle against a member of the "Pit Crew". They will also get a brand new 2007 Mazda 3 as part of their handsome reward.

The alumni get their RV and are excited about the prospect of living in a RV again. (Although, it looks like production may have some "off days" and the cast is given Wendy's gift cards to eat, so it's not a traditional Road Rules.)

The cast talks in the RV. Adam (The Quest) talks about how he loves the fact that he's back on the show and just being traveling on the show is the handsome reward. Susie (Down Under) and Kina (Extreme) bond, even after their Gauntlet 2 tension. Veronica (Semester at Sea) and Shane (Campus Crawl) have a pre-existing bond and will not betray each other.

The casts go to Wendy's and they get their message for their next mission to go to Falls Lake in Los Angeles, CA. Falls Lake is the man-made lake in the middle of Universal Studios. They're all excited about the tension and uncertainty of the first mission.

They get to Universal Studios and they find out their mission: car bungee. Shane and Veronica say they both should split up because they want to mingle with the rest of the team. Kina and Susie are clearly shaken. The guys are relatively excited, and Susie seems to be the most scared of the group and ends up having the most trouble.

Mission: Car Bungee
Episode #: 1401
Participants: Abram and Kina, Adam and Veronica, Shane and Susie
Objective: Each pair has to survive a bungee jump while strapped into a car. When the rope stops retracting, the teams have to unbuckle their seatbelts, get three luggage pieces from the back, and drop them into the lake below. Then the pairs have to take the luggage across the finish line and have a cumulative team time of 5:00.

Abram and Kina - 1:19
Adam and Veronica - 1:31
Shane and Susie - 1:36
Cumulative Team Time - 4:26

Mission Status: COMPLETED
Team Pot: $10,000

After they complete their mission, the group finds out that the guys will nominate the girl to the Pit, while the girls will nominate the guy to the Pit.

The Roadies spend a night at the local RV park and the team talks about not wanting to turn on each other. There's talk of rotating alumni to go into the Pit, and how everyone would be cool of going to the Pit. There's an overall desire to be fair and to leave the drama out of the RV. Although, Susie does mention that breaking the Susie/Veronica alliance is crucial.

The group splits up and it becomes painstakingly obvious that no one is doing the random drawing. Adam claims that he has a vested interest in Susie and Kina because they are in an alliance. Kina and Susie vote for Shane. Abram votes for Veronica simply because Veronica has lied to him multiple times in the past.

Guys Nominations
Abram and Adam vote for Veronica
Shane abstains

Girls Nominations
Kina and Susie vote for Shane
Veronica abstains

This sets off an emotional response from Veronica and Shane who are clearly voted off by an alliance. Veronica says that this vote sets the tone of the game. Shane claims that the vote wasn't fair because there was a conscious attempt to break up the alliance of Veronica and Shane. Veronica claims if they continue coming after her and Shane, that she'll make their lives on the RV difficult.

Now, they drop off Shane and Veronica off at the "Pit", which is still a little unclear. Log onto to vote for who you want to stay and who you want to go into the "Pit". Also vote for which "Pit Crew" member you want to see in the elimination round. The elimination round will be broadcast live on this weekend. Also, to comment on this episode, please look at the previous post.