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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pit Preview: Catch the first few minutes of what goes down in tonight's episode

The following only spoils who is in the Pit and what game they will play:


mr said...

Veronica needs to get a life. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

omg Ivory needs to shut her mouth. She talks all ghetto and really just keeps babbling on and on. She tells Susie to stop talking, thats just so she can keep talking, she never stops and she's just pissed off because she hasn't even seen the pit yet and Susie and Tori are on the RV. No one ever saw any tension when Tori was on the pit crew in the beginning of the show or when Susie was on the pit crew for those few episodes. And where the hell does Kristen get off saying ANYTHING AT ALL?! This is the first episode she's eve ntalked in and participated in for that matter and she's already disrespecting Tori and Susie? Susie's right, Ivory is tacky and gross.

Anonymous said...

Ivory was grabbing Tori's jersey and like hugging her, then she just tackles her. FUCK YOU IVORY! you're a heartless bitch who needs to get punched in the face. when you go back to brooklyn try not to get shot! you try to act all tough when really you're just a fucking loser! no wonder you never eve nmade it to the pit!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ivory! I was SOOOO glad that she shut that stupid fake bitch Tori down. Good episode. FUCK SUSIE and FUCK TORI and most of all FUCK ADAM seriously.

Anonymous said...

Veronica!! CALL ME!!

Anonymous said...

dude ivory and angel suck so fuckingbad!! they are SUCH bitches trying to be hardass and are soo desperate for air time!

Anonymous said...

^^^ They are no different from anybody else on this shows. Its not like people try out for Road Rules and Real World for anything other then instant fsme.(maybe the experience for some)

So how are they the only ones to get called out for wanting 'attention'?

Anonymous said...

kina and tori need to do there part and go into the pit. it's not fair it's always the same people going in. these two bitches need to show that they deserve to be there and get some of that money.

Anonymous said...

I laughed story when Tori got hurt and started crying. The drama betweeen the girls actually started in the blogs. And I love Ivory! BMP haven't had anyone like her in years since the glorious days of Belou and Jisela! Aww...those were the days! Seriously shut the fuck Adam, you only volunteered once and it wasn't even a real pit. You and Susie just ended up watching because of your fight with Abram.

Anonymous said...

um angel wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

Someone please throw Ivory back into the gene pool.

Jess said...

Veronica - why are you still on television? When you first came on you got busted for stealing a shirt (pathetic) and then plagiarism (even more pathetic). Showing you as nothing more than a porky klepto idiot. Way to make your family proud!

You say you play the game and are a fierce competitor but you can't win any battles and you can't back up this tough image.

Ivory - until last night I had never even noticed you. I liked that. All I remember you as is some "I'm from New York yo' represent!" chick that's all talk. You front to girls you know wont fight you because it's not in them and the girls that will, you won't say jack to. You're not individual, just a thuggish wannabe which are a dime a dozen. Speak less, more action!

And PS Veronica, you may have starved and barfed... it's apparent you now should throw 'binge' on your pity train. If the camera adds 10 pounds, you got at least 7 on your ass.

alexa said...

Very well said Jess...except the part about Veronica being fat because I actually think she's quite skinny. Ivory has done nothing to prove herself and doesn't deserve to be on the show, let alone the RV. She needs to have some class.

Anonymous said...

Susie doesn't need to see the pit anymore. Susie has volunteered herself too many times, and she even went to the pit for a week. Go Susie!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was wondering why Angel wasnt there also. It was supposed to be the 3 top vote getters for both the guys and girls, would compete in the Pit Stop. Which would explain Monte not being there. But Angel came in 2nd for the most votes for the girls.

I just figured that the producers asked her to sit out so Kirsten would at least get to do something, since with the show ending pretty soon, I doubt it if anyone else will make it on the Rv. Especially another girl.

And did the Pit Crew even stand a chance? LOL

Anonymous said...

The Pit Crew never stands a chance in ANYTHING! The oly good people on the Pit Crew are Shane, Veronica, Dan, and Jerry. Angel is sorta too because she seems pretty strong.

Kristen and Ivory are sad little bitches that obviously no one likes because they haven't even seen a pit, actually Kristen has only seen one episode, but thats besides the fact.

And Monte thinks he can do everything but he hasn't helped the Pit Crew at all and has lost all his pits.

Anonymous said...

The last few posts are absolutely right! These people will never be seen again on tv, except some of the Vets maybe (Adam, Kina, Susie, Veronica, and Shane), and a few of the new people like they'll probly call back some to do a challenge like Tori, Derek, David, Dan, Angel, and probly Jerry even though he never made it to the RV yet haha.