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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #12: Susie and Derek return; The Pit Crew gets angry; David back up

Last night's episode of Viewers Revenge saw Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Susie (Australia) face off against Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Veronica (Semester At Sea). After doing a Pit where they had to push each other out of a circle, Susie and Veronica came out victorious.

The alumni were ecstatic to see the pair back on the RV, because the dynamic of the game would be completely changed had they lost.

The group finds out that they will be playing football at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA. This is a pit stop and they'll be playing under the tutelage of the San Diego Chargers. The Pit Crew is obviously at the RVers throats, as Ivory (Viewers Revenge) and Kristin (Viewers Revenge) have a couple of words for the RV crew.

Ivory is at both Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Susie's throats. The group is exchanging threats between each other and apparently are at odds over Ivory's blogs.

The football game is uneventful with the Roadies dominating. Tori bumps into Ivory and Dan, and momentarily gets hurt, but she shakes it off. David (Viewers Revenge) is accused of not being the greatest at the game, which is unexpected. The Road Rulers end up winning the football game 49-15.

The Roadies decide to vote David into the Pit and for the following reasons: He has volunteered; He wasn't good at the football mission; He hasn't been on long enough; He was saved last week. The group, including Derek decides to vote in David into the Pit.


Anonymous said...

Is this crap off the air yet?

Anonymous said...

Just 2 more weeks.

Anonymous said...

Actually its 2 more weeks of regular Mission/Pits and then the last week will be the final mission for the handsome reward.

So 3 weeks all together.


I recored this with my Tvo or however you spell it. And I watched it.. Now from an honest unbias point of view here it is:

Ivory, Susie and Tori are all insane in good ways. Ivory just likes to go get all ghetto brooklyn bitch on everyone which is her style but is insane.

Susie just ignores it which is funny and insane.

Tori is jsut insane.

Adam and Kina should really step their game up, Espically Adam. He needs to go into a pit and win or lose whichever.

Some funny quotes:

"Haha Bitches" - Ivory

"Shut the fuck up bitch" - Ivory

" Jerry thinks he is on the RV " - Veronica

" My balls fell better " - David

" OWWWWW " - Tori

Anonymous said...

If there is two more weeks of regular mission/pits then I think that Adam and Kina have to step up. I mean if Susie can beat Veronica, what does Kina have to lose? As for Adam, he won one pit battle already, I think he could do it again.

I know they want to keep their spots on the RV but you know, since some of the challenges for the pit have been repeated already, I don't think the pit will be too chancey for anyone now and it seems that Kina and Adam can handle it.

Anonymous said...

I hate Ivory, she's such a dumb bitch!