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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MTV releases press release about casting website; opens today

In a piece of news that we confirmed the other day, MTV is confirming in a press release that will open today.

The press release also underscores how the casting process will go:

"The Real World" Casting site is designed to be a highly immersive experience that engages viewers on multiple levels, from castee to judge. Viewers who join the community can register to be considered for the show or serve as a judge to help determine who makes the cut. In either instance, they are connected to the larger community of "The Real World" fans who share similar passions and who want to stay connected to -- and help influence -- the story arcs, characters and themes they see on-air.

Viewers who throw their hat into the ring for the cast of Season 20 must submit a 90-second 'confessional' video detailing their passions, life experiences and phobias. Viewers who elect to serve as judges can climb a virtual casting hierarchy to serve in any number of roles, from Head of Casting, to VP of Casting, Casting Director, Casting Associate, Casting Intern or just plain Voter. The hierarchy is determined by the number of votes a registered user casts; the more one votes, the higher on the ladder they climb. But it's not just castees who make it onto MTV. Even judges may appear throughout the season to discuss whom they voted for and why.

The current season of "The Real World: Denver" ranks #1 in its time period (10-10:30 p.m. Wednesdays) among P12-34 versus cable competition and has reached 91.4 million total viewers season-to-date. The season finale of "The Real World: Denver" is May 16. The next season -- season 19 -- will take place in Sydney, Australia and is currently in production. The viewers chosen through the site will be members of "The Real World" season 20.

Stay tuned for the latest information.


Anonymous said...

So they told all these people they were special and that they would be on this "exclusive" site and now just ANYONE can join and try and get on too? Wow.. that sucks. I feel bad for the people they called and made all happy for nothing.

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

I agree! My friend was someone picked. Now it's a free for all. If I wanted myspace, I'd go to myspace. So much for finding people who are truly aspiring for something in their lives

Anonymous said...

I think MTV is going downhill fast. And I definitely agree.. what the heck is up with even having casting if youre going to let everyone apply online. Must be some Mensa-scholars over at MTV.

I hope that press statement is wrong. It will get too chaotic with that many people on the site.

Anonymous said...

I was picked by MTV to b on Real World and now I m kinda mad that they havein more ppl joiun the running thats gonna make it harder 4 me

Anonymous said...

You sound like an idiot so I'm glad they are looking for different people.

Anonymous said...

You weren't "picked" to be on Real World. If they chose people that quickly, then they wouldn't be doing this at all. Don't flatter yourself you dumbfucker.

Lita Harrington said...
This comment has been removed by the author.