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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sydney Casting Special: The alumni discuss the new seven strangers

Blair (The Quest), Randy (San Diego), Colie (Denver), Wes (Austin), Paula (Key West) and Svetlana (Key West) start by sitting around the couch, discussing the season.

Issac (Sydney) is first and he talks about the calamity that is his life. He talks about the stuff that he pulls, how he gets high, how he gets drunk. He’s a “boob guy”. He says that he can always find good things about everyone.

Shavoun (Sydney) has her own column called “Sexcapades”. She wants to be an entertainment reporter. She’s single and she got out of a long-term relationship where her boyfriend made her pick between her career and him.

The alumni talk about how Issac and Shavoun might hook up. Blair shows a sneak peak, where the two of them are flirting heavily throughout their season. The two are making out in the confessional and are caught by roommates. The two end up fighting later in the season.

The alumni discuss the two. They’re excited about the impending fights. Randy thinks she’s pretty, but she’s not his type. Wes thinks that he could be friends with her and she looks intimidating.

Dunbar (Sydney) is next. He’s more proud to be Southern than he is to be American. His girlfriend Julie is something accidental, but he acknowledges it to be special because she is willing to do anything to make him happy.

Parisa (Sydney) is from New York City. She knew since she was little that she was different. Her friends think that nothing fazes her, that she’s the “tin man”. Parisa used to have trouble rejecting guys. She used to put a lot of self-worth in her relationships.

The alumni girls seem to love Dunbar. Parisa takes herself too seriously, according to Colie.

Dunbar and Parisa meet each other. Parisa said that if Dunbar is single, it would be a fairytale. Parisa flirts heavily with Dunbar and he responds by treating her differently than the rest of the cast. The two end up fighting because he seems to be disrespectful toward her.

The alumni feel like the relationship between the two is unrequited. They think that Parisa is finally learning what it is like to be rejected. Paula calls him a beefcake.

Cohutta (Sydney) is up. He’s from a “different country” where everyone knows everybody. He introduces us to his family. He’s looking for a “good mama” that he can “take back to the mountains” and raise some children with.

KellyAnne (Sydney) doesn’t like guys who talk about their families, bad kissers, bad teeth, people who have different opinions of her. She wrote “Pick Me” on her underwear in her casting video.

Paula says that Cohutta seems genuine and he’s going to get rocked the most. Colie says it’s weird that he’s living in 1976. Paula says he won’t be used to these kind of girls that show up on the show. Colie says that this Real World harkens back to the “social experiment” because there are different people reacting to each other.

KellyAnne hears Shavoun and Parisa talking about her in the bathroom. Parisa doesn’t want to babysit and KellyAnne flirts heavily with Dunbar, which irritates Parisa. KellyAnne calls herself a “co$%tease”. KellyAnne and Cohutta seem to be crushing on each other later in the season.

Wes says that he hates girls that are teases. Colie says that she’s gonna get picked on by the other girls, but the other girls says that she may want to get picked on.

Trisha (Sydney) comes to the house with a boyfriend and a chastity ring, kind of. She got the ring when she was 12 years old, but she lost her virginity. Trisha is trying to “get it all out right now”.

Wes likes Trisha more than he likes KellyAnne. He thinks that he’s trying to figure out what she’s about.

Trisha and Parisa start a fight. The tension seems to mount. Trisha starts to flirt with Cohutta, which irritates KellyAnne. Trisha seems to try and hit Parisa.

The alumni think that this season will be good. Blair can’t wait for the Sydney cast to see the casting special and talk about the alumni.


Anonymous said...

im actually looking forward to this new season. lots of interesting characters. and kelly-anne is oh so HOT! parisa is cute too. bring on the drama!


I only watched this because Svetlana was on

Anonymous said...

I Love Parisa!

Trisha: I'm cursing because you're irritating me
Parisa: Oh I'm should I get you some ointment for that irritation.

LOL! Finally, a female with a conscience! Tell those immature bitches off. Especially Kelly Anne...Miss "I'm cute and I'm skinny!"

I also love her comment about Dunbar turning into a teenage boy with a hard on...HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

parisa rocks! i saw the first two episodes on camcast. i have to say this season looks good. its not all "lets get along and be friends" right off the bat, there's drama. GO PARISA - u tell those two biatches!

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares what these washed up sacks of shit think. 15 minutes are up.

Anonymous said...

i'm over this show.

Anonymous said...

I dont care what anyone says, they chose my favorite people for the casting special...minus colie. Good job MTV, about time you do something right.

Anonymous said...

yeah mtv did do a good job w/ picking the alumni. but for some reason I keep on thinking that colie was robin...

Anonymous said...

I did not like Parisa at all. She seems just as conceited as the rest of the whores, except she lacks the looks the other girls have. It’s great to see Dunbar reject her that way, that will teach her how it is to be on the other side of the rejection line. “I need someone [Dunbar] to rub my back..“ and then you‘re telling all girls to get hobbies and stop trying to value themselves through a man while you try to suck up on one yourself? Although apparently she has some sort of musical talent and that gives her at least some points of being worth something in life.

Anonymous said...

umm... 3:41pm

your just helous because your nasty ass got rejected from the show because your too fat and ugly to be on television


I kept on thinking Colie was robin and Paula was Tonya! Ergh got me confused..But yay for Svetlana we miss you svetty you need to go on a challenge and kick kinas ass again

Anonymous said...

I just watched the first two seasons on Comcast. As someone who started watching Real World with season 1 in NYC, I am disappointed to see that this installment is just another shallow plastic cast (especially the girls). I like Parisa, but I guess it's too much to expect that the other girls might actually learn something from her. Cohutta and Parisa are the only two characters with any depth. I would also think that in an international location, there would be an international cast member. UGH. I guess we'll see how things go.

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Shauvon right off the bat, and not because she's really good looking, but her personality really appeals to me, I think I can already say she's gonna be my favorite when the seasons over. She seems like the only girl who doesn't have the cat-fighting drama throughout the whole season, like Kelly Ann, I already don't like her.

In my oppinion she's not even that hot, and she seems to me she's been around the block a few times.

And I'm thinking Isaac is to be the funny guy who's been laid so many times, but I don't think thats what he's gonna come up to be, I think he just acts like he's such a chick magnet and the big man on campus.

Cohutta seems like a cool down to earth guy, since he's been like that for his whole life, living in the deep country life-style, I think he'll bemy favorite guy.

Dunbar seems like a dull version of Frank from Las Vegas, really really dull lol, and I only saw Frank because they both kinda have square heads haha.

Paris seems like a bitch to me at some times, but still a good person inside and only is a bitch when she needs to be.

And Trisha is soo cute and lovable too, definetly not the type of girl who'd I think would hit someone, but I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover. I wish she stayed the whole season =(.

Anonymous said...

To 12:18 am
Thanks Shauvon for posting your comment!


^^^ Lmao...In one of the promos where Issac is in the pool and its being blurred out with a black oval, the camera goes to Choutta and next to him on his right is a black chick...Does this mean Trisha gets replaced with a black chick? Thatd be soo cool because whats the real world without different cultures? And Choutta is so coool, he is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I really wish they has casted some people from Austrailia to be on the show. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:25 am, no actually I'm not Shauvon, I just like her because she doesn't seem to have all this drama revolving around her. Kelly-Ann jsut bugged me when she said "who the fuck do you baby sit!?!" or something like that, and she seems like she'd fuck anything with 2 legs. Not sure why, but Parisa also doesn't appeal to me, she's cute, but my feelings toward her are kinda tipsy. And Trisha would definetly be my favorite girl, if she didn't get kicked off! Plus, Trisha's hotter than Shauvon I think anyways.

Anonymous said...

I dont really like any of the girls this season...but Cohutta is really hott, so I think he'll definately be my favorite cast member! Dunbar is not very attractive, I mean he has a nice body, but he's head is shaped kinda weird...and Isaac just seems obnoxious!

Anonymous said...

to 10:19, thats no pool lol, thats the fish tank haha.

Anonymous said...

I heard that cohutta was sighned to be in a porno... His "size" is reportedly 10 inches. He has a nice blonde bush and can make a girl moan. His movie name will be cohunter mcgunther!!! He will star alongside Julian ryos and jennah jamiesan,!!!!!go cohunter. This is not yet confirmed, i read it on a blog, might not be true.

Anonymous said...

to 11:29 , r u sure? I heard that too but i dont believe it, cohunter? I heard his porn name wad cohrazy. Hope its true. I would buy it !!!!!!$ love you cohuttz!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

9:00, learn how to spell you fucking imbecile.

Why the hell would anyone want to be on this second rate, trailer trash show with a bunch of drunk sluts and jocks?

I've seen your MySpace and you are one ugly, fat bitch. PUT DOWN THE DONUT!

panicsnap said...

i CANNOT WAIT!!! to watch both paula and colie EAT THEIR WORDS about cohutta!!! class is def fixin to be IN! they would SO be on him like a rat on a cheeto and he wouldn't give either one of them the time of day! haha! 2 much fun waiting for their inevitable introductions at some MTV function OR one of the challenges, svettie's comments were sweetness though-smart girl svettie!
let the games begin! marla maples (aka the former 2nd mrs "the donald" trump? yeah, she's from cohutta,georgia-shyeah, there's an entire CITY of cohutta,plus, cohutta is also the name of the largest wilderness preserve in the state of georgia...AND, read up on some news people, blue ridge, georgia is one of the top 10 fastest growing cities IN THE USA! 1976 my it's about an hr away from the big ATL,and as everyone who's anyone knows...EVERYBODY has a house in hotlanta!