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Friday, August 03, 2007

Trisha has no regrets, has moved to Los Angeles, and is still friends with Shavoun

Trisha (Sydney), who has been the center of some controversy early in the season, sat down with the Fresno Bee to talk about her experience in Sydney.

While she admits that she did things that don't match with her conservative upbringing, she has no regrets about her time in Sydney. If you remember, Trisha is seen almost hitting or hitting Parisa (Sydney) in the preview, and it's rumored that Trisha will be sent home and an eighth roommate will be sent in her place.

Trisha also says that she has moved to Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, to capitalize on the attention that the show is bringing her. She also mentions that she is still friends with her fellow castmember Shavoun (Sydney).


Anonymous said...

Has moved to Los Angeles! Wow what a shocker.

Anonymous said...

Any bets on when she'll be doing dishes at IHOP?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reply to 5:04:
Either that or she'll live the rest of her life doing challenges.

Anonymous said...

why do you guys care so much?

Anonymous said...

I just found out that Tori Hall from Viewers Revenge and Brad from RW San Diego are dating!! It says on her facebook and she uploaded new pics from the challenge and theres some of them together.

I hate this! i dont like tori at all and love brad!

Anonymous said...

in episode two, there's a song playing at the end when trisha and parisa are talking, and I'm dyinggggg to know what it is.

Anonymous said...

lol at 12:09...typical response when you're too dumb to think of a legitimate rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

lol at 8:42.. your a fucking douche bag

Samantha said...

jeez buddy if you don't care so much why would you have posted a responce 2 minutes later. obviously this blog means a lot to you??

Trisha said...

Haha, just to clear something up, I moved to Thousand Oaks to be closer to my boyfriend when things started getting serious. It's only 3 hours away from my hometown and it's also the perfect place to commute to and from Pepperdine University or Channel Islands St. once I transfer down here and return to school. It's still quite aways from LA, I do not have intentions to "pursue a career in entertainment".... That's all, just thought I'd clear it up :)
X's and O's~Trisha

Anonymous said...

i didn't mean why do you care so much about the blog.. i just meant why do you care where people move to?

seriously.. let the people do what they want

and the only reason that i commented back like 2 minutes later was because i happend to be on and i saw the comment

Anonymous said...

Pepperdine University? LAWL.

4:18, shut the fuck up noob.

Andy06 said...

trish does get kicked off

here is the Ashli girsl myspace page
the 8th roomate
you can tell by their comments!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why everyone hates on people for wanting to be on the Real World, Road Rules, and challenges. I'd love to be on any of them, especially challenges, and I'd keep doing them if they keep cslling me back. I'd do as many as I could just because you get to hang with cool people, party alot, do crazy missions, and all just to win money, sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

You should invest on going back to school and learning how to fucking spell first you steaming sack of idiotic shit.

Ashli? Her parents must have been drunk when they spelled her name that way.

Anonymous said...

Trisha is an obvious asshole. Not embarassed? Well she should be (and in hiding) for her whole episode in McDonalds. English is the only language I speak, but it still makes me want to go to one of her "guest apearances" just so I can beat her ass.

thejives said...

11:24- If you are Trisha, I have to tell you how incredibly bad you come off in the show. I mean, really, on so many levels. It's shocking how not a single sympathetic side has come through in the aired episodes so far. Let's enumerate, shall we?
1. definitely xenophobic, if not semi-racist.
2. blatantly hypocritical. Nice promise ring. WWJD?
3. Your hair looks hideous. Who told you the best way to hide black roots is with black tips?

All of that can't be due to editing. Unless you save a kitten from a burning building in the next six episodes, I think most of the viewers will cheer to see you kicked off. You're well on your way to joining Puck in the annals of Real World fame. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree Trisha is an asshole. She is a snob that thinks she's the shit..well makes sense since she's an asshole lol. When first seeing her, I tried to give her a chance and I think Parisa was the one that started shit in the beginning. But that racist comment she made just really turned me off and I was like oh fuck that bitch, now I really dont like her, team Parisa you racist biatch.

Anonymous said...

Trasha=ICK. Good riddance from the show and please, please, please, good riddance from celebrity of any kind. Christian, my ass. You're a slut, a bully and a bitch.

booogle said...

Trisha is such an asshole. I was pretty angry for Parisa when Trisha was being fucking rude about her mom calling a lot when she was on the phone with her "bf" Jarod. I hope you get kicked off Trisha. Also, I can't believe she's only 19 or turning 20 soon. I agree 100% with thejives.