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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sydney Episode #10: The house takes sides in World War III: Parisa vs. Trisha

Last night's episode begun with Cohutta (Sydney) maintaining that he and Kelly Anne (Sydney) didn't do anything. Trisha (Sydney) also tells her boyfriend that she is flirting with the local, Alex. Later that night, Alex is flirting with both Trisha and Parisa.

Alex writes a letter/poem to both Parisa and Trisha. The two compare notes and it creates tension between them. Shauvon (Sydney) says that Parisa is asking for drama, but Trisha should not care. Kelly Anne says that Trisha should back off.

Meanwhile, Parisa gets the feeling that Alex isn't romantically interested in Trisha. At the bar that night, Cohutta (Sydney) saves Kelly Anne from two local drunkards. Cohutta saves the day.

Kelly Anne calls her friends back home and finds out that her boyfriend is seeing other people. Kelly Anne tells Cohutta. Trisha begins flirting with other boys and goes out to Cargo Bar with some of the other locals. Parisa and Alex get closer that night. Trisha says that Parisa doesn't understand "Girl Code" that when a girl hangs out with a guy first, she's marking her territory.

Shauvon claims that even though Trisha has a boyfriend, she has dibs on Alex. Trisha calls Parisa an idiot for going after Alex and tells her to "watch herself". Isaac (Sydney) even weighs in on the conflict, telling her to back off Alex, even if he has a boyfriend.

Later that night, Alex tells Trisha that he doesn't like Parisa. Then, Alex rates Trisha a six, a seven. Shauvon gets rated a six and the two are furious. Cohutta gets extremely annoyed. Parisa tells Shauvon that it is ridiculous that she's hurt over the rating, from two drunk guys who were teasing her.

That night at the house, Alex and Parisa make out. Isaac says that "Team Drunk Girl" will get Alex, that if Dunbar gets drunk, he might get Alex. Parisa feels bad that she made out with Alex. So the house is abuzz that they made out. Then, Trisha takes Alex outside, and makes out with him. Shauvon tells Parisa. Then, Parisa walks out with Alex, gets his number, and makes out with him once again.

Next time: World War III starts as people start taking sides on "Team Parisa" and "Team Trisha". While Kelly Anne seems to side with Parisa and Shauvon seems to side with Trisha, the argument comes to a head as Cohutta and Isaac defend Parisa over a grilled cheese sandwich. Glasses are thrown, words are exchanged. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Team Parisa
-yeah Trisha started hanging out with him first and she's on a break with her boyfriend.. but the point is that she has a boyfriend

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Why is Trisha getting all pissy about it? Plus I never heard of their stupid rules anyways. If you watch the preview, the girls get all upset Parissa talks to Dunbar...why? That strikes me has childish...Parissa hangs out with the that a bad thing? No! The guys seem to be more tolerant and understanding.

leechy said...

I am on team nobody! Trisha is clearly very territorial for no reason what so ever. Her having a boyfriend voids the "DIBS" she called on that alex guy who strikingly resembles that guy from backstreet boys! ahaha but then again Parisa after knowing he kissed trisha shouldnt have kissed him again....thats SICK! plus i loved the part where Cohutta sets kelly ann straight when she is talking about her ex bf hooking up with another girl. i love issac and cohutta!

Anonymous said...

cohutta and issac are the only normal people on this show, the other have had half their brains removed or something .. maybe they are rabies idk but they suck at life

Anonymous said...

Trisha doesn't know what to do?? How about remember that you have a boyfriend, or break up with the guy. Then you can go play the field. You can't have your cake and eat it too... selfish ass bitch!!! Parissa lost some points with me when she made out with homeboy after finding out that he made out w/ trisha. Maybe Parissa likes to hang with the guys because the majority of guys tend to have less drama and bickering.
Trisha needs to hurry up and get kicked off already. She's just not a good person, she's really conniving. I thought real world was gonna start casting people with some substance... yet we have two girls who ask to be rated, and when they are... they get their panties in a ruffle when it;s not what they want to hear. fucken shallow...

Anonymous said...

i can't believe parisa went and made out with alex even though she knew he had just made out with trisha!! i mean wow, can you say DESPERATE??! and seriously what the hell kind of Muslim family does she come from anyways? no respectable muslims would make out (geez, on national television) and then call home to discuss it with their mom. Parisa is just muslim by name and loves the publicity.

Anonymous said...

Everything was Dunbar up until this episode. I think my Tivo might have failed me a few ephisodes. Was Dunbar even on the show for episode 10????

Anonymous said...

whens trisha get kicked off?

Anonymous said...

this real world is so stupid w/unattractive people.Dunbar looks funny and not easy to understand. it makes me miss coral!! they all stare at the camera and they all hate eaxh other. to bad parisa doesn`t have 1 girl on her side.

Anonymous said...

Trasha is an ugly Fresno white trash loose pussied bitch who got fucked by daddy. Parisa is a desperate sandnigger. Shavon is a dumb skank who is a 2, not a 6.

Anonymous said...

shauvon has a tiny Bozo face and huge fake tits...FUG combo.

Anonymous said...

4:43... so beyond uncalled for w/ the comment about Parisa.

Absolutely Team Parisa all the way here. Trisha rants and raves about her boyfriend and how she will "never cheat." Well, it looks like she did.

She may be one of the most close-minded, racist, homophobic, worthless, and selfish people to EVER grace the Real World.

Anonymous said...

rascist comments are the type of people on this chat so americans are so backwards .the english rule!

Anonymous said...

Trisha ,Shavon,Dunbar ,Isac,and cohaatta are 6`s just their personality alone is boring nothing to give viewers but embarassing the usa

Anonymous said...

I think Alex is a 5 and women that fight over 1 guy is all about how they hate each other.I hope Alex bangs them both 1 after the other.

Anonymous said...

9:05 shut up you dumb nigger bitch.

Anonymous said...

9:17 english people smell and have wooden teeth. eat shit and die gook.

Anonymous said...

ALLL THE fucking way !..
r u guys kidding me Parisa is a fucked up muslim bitch in the house ! i hate her the most ! out of 19 seasons of real world !

even tho Trisha is not my fav she is way better than Parisa ..

Come on NOW !


Trisha i dont care

the rest r cool!


Anonymous said...

YAH ! Trisha ROCKs! i love her i hateeeeeee the muslim hoe Parisa

hahahaha get her OUT! ewwww

Anonymous said...

i wan Issac and Trisha to make out ! HOTTTT

cohuttta and kelly ewwwwwwww LMAOO

Parisa with NOOO 1 lol UGLY!

SHouvan is j a whore !

Anonymous said...

my fav Real Worlders !


SVITZ aka coconut




Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

THE BEST bitches







VERRRRRONICA!!!! whoooooo

Anonymous said...

anonymous from7:37pm-7:44pm...ALL ONE PERSON!get a fuckin life bitch!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Parisa kissing Alex after Tricia did...

Is Parisa trying to get an STD?

Anonymous said...

TRISHA is cool!
i hate Parisa!

Anonymous said...

TEAM PARISA. She obviously just isnt taking this seriously that's why she made out with him again. My thoughts: she's in australia and it's not like that Alex dude is going out with either of them. HE'S FAIR GAME. Who gives a shit if that girl "met him" first. SHE HAS A FUCKING BOYFRIEND. If she gave two shits about her boyfriend she WOULD STOP CARING who Alex kisses. Dumb bitch.

Anonymous said...

Dumb bar sucks. As does TRASHA. Thought Shauvan was cool but her little drunk fits are showing her true personailty.


For those who say "how she could make out with Alex again" I dont think it's a big deal. I think Parissa knows that he's not really that into either of them. So who cares who he makes out with?
Trasha has a boyfriend who she claims she loves. So why the fuck should she care if he flirst with her.

Anonymous said...

Team nobody...

I was so wanting to like Parisa (being a Muslim) but kissing the dude Alex after he wrote them both letters and after she knew he had just kissed another girl, is desperate, and trashy. If she was doing it to compete with Trisha then it's just really juvenile. I don't like her anymore. The girl really needs to stop scaring the guys away. As for Trisha, I have no words. She is obviously racist and narrow-minded as hell...I'm guessing she was brought up to hate Muslims, look down on other races, hate gays, etc.
And could Shauvon try and show off her boobs anymore? They are so fake and stay in the same position even when she is wearing a strapless dress. Real boobs never do that (I am a 32D, I know.) Maybe Isaac didn't want to do her after he felt them and realized they were as hard as rocks/weren't soft like the real thing.

Anonymous said...

If I must chose, Team Parisa, but I don't really like both of them at this point.

Tricia entertains me with her pure ignorance and stupidity

Anonymous said...

Okay, I saw this episode and its pretty stupid how these two girls are making a fool of themeselves for one guy. Trisha is a pathetic, ignorant, fake, stupid b*tch. She mentions that god is the only person that can judge her, yet she should be taking her own advice. She's always trying to talk down to people and its pretty childish already. I don't understand why she got pissed off about Parisa hooking up with Alex if TRasha has a boyfriend. Maybe she's doing all of this drama to get attention. I wonder what Trasha's boyfriend thinks of his slutty whore now? Now to Parisa, what the hell is she thinking being desperate? First Dumbar then this guy Alex doesn't she know men get turned off or take advantage of you for being that stupid? In my opinion they're both at fault...but Trasha looks way more stupid thats probably why the guys agreed with Parisa.

Anonymous said...

Trasha has no class she looks like a pitbull that needs to have its rabies vaccine or maybe she's a b*tch in heat. Somebody get that whore her meds!!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh i cant wait for the next episode. I wanna see Parisa tell that bitch off Trasha. Too bad they blipped what Parisa said in the previews, but Shauvon's facial expression says it all =)

Anonymous said...

I HATE PARISA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the most hated out of 19 seasons !

i j cant believe u guys like her???

NO Trisha
but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Parisa either

Anonymous said...

First of all, Alex is not all that!
Second, if it's between Trisha and Parisa, definitely team Parisa.

Still, what the hell was Parisa thinking kissing that Alex guy who is obviously playing her and Trisha. WTF is up with these Sydney girls? The just love to make drama for themselves. They must be THAT bored.

Anonymous said...

this is a site where u can find who wins the Gauntlet 3 very accurate !!!

Anonymous said...

is there nude pics of shavon anywhere on the internet. SUch a 10!!!


FuCkK That BIATCH ShaUvon is a -10 not a 10! that nasty ho has 6 stds. damn..

YeahHhH NExt Week

PARISA bItCHes OUt that CunT TraShA HelL YeAhZ MoThA FuCkAz Trasha is a nappy friZzZzZ headed HOE

Parisa NeeDs To BiTcH SMaCk TraSha She looks like a buLl Dog damn.

She Got a gay boyfriend. i saw his PiCtuRe on MySpAce talk about a CLOSET PETEPUFFER

trisha needs to get banged in the FACE MaYbE SoMe OfThoSe Extra LBS shEs CarRyIng Will GeT SmaCkEd off too HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Anonymous said...

i am on team parissa. trisha has a boyfriend so she can't call dibs on anyone.trisha is just mad that alex might be interested in parissa. trisha is the kind of girl who wants every cute guy to like her and no one else. but on the other hand alex might be playing it too because what guy doesn't like 2 girls fighting over him. come on girls we all no that!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of degenarate pricks some of you are. What the fuck does someone's race or religon have to do with? Thank god they didn't cast you twats on the show! Anyway,Trish is a hypocrite. She talks about God and being all hoky and shit,but then she goes and cheats on her boyfriend! She didn't even honor her parent's request! The cow had sex before she got married! Yet she has the nerve to talk about gay people.Stupid bitch.Dunbar is intelligent,but he doesn't act intelligent,he instead acts like a jackass on steroids.Parissa was ok at first,but then she put on the "I'm desperate for love" act.

Issac,Shavon,Kelly Ann and Cohutty are the "normal" ones.Shavon's starting to cross the psycho bitch line though.