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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Challenge is renewed for a 22nd Season

CT and Johnny get ready to face-off in one of the most memorable eliminations ever. 
Immediately after the success of the season finale of Rivals, MTV issued a press release stating that they have renewed the Challenge for the 22nd season! Thus, we get to see our favorite competitors once again battle each other in a test of wits, athleticism, and tenacity for at least one more season! With that news, we decided to write five tips to the producers, telling them what to focus on for next season.

1. Focus more on character development, not fights and hook-ups: Part of the reason why Rivals worked so well, was that each of the teams had some history that made good TV. While some teams didn't really hate each other, others provided season-long storylines that encouraged viewers to come back week-after-week. In this season, the fighting and hook-ups were NOT started under a night of drinking and revelry (OK... sometimes they were), but the game forced the castmembers to face their differences because of the game.

2. Don't recycle old, tired formats: I'm not sure why producers choose to do a second and third Inferno or Gauntlet. While Rivals worked extremely well, I don't want to see another season of Rivals right away. Also, it's kind of a cop-out to just recycle old formulas.

3. Keep the rules simple: One of the biggest flaws of the Challenges is that the rules are always so unnecessarily complicated. Remember the Island's wildly weird key-holder, two-round elimination voting process? That season was a cheap imitation of Survivor and should've just copied the full format with one-person, one-vote. Who would've loved to see a weekly Tribal Council headed by TJ Lavin? For the next Challenge, I would love to see girls compete against guys, with a one-person, one-vote elimination.

4. Make sure the rules discourage the veteran alliances: Part of the problem with a one-person, one-vote elimination, which they have done in the past, is that the veteran alliances seem to have the game on-lock from Day 1. For some reason, the Challenges haven't instituted any kind of immunity, at least in recent seasons. It's the worst when the Challengers we see less of are sent home first.

5. Bring back some castmembers who haven't done the last eight Challenges: Going back to character development, fans want to be updated on those castmembers we haven't seen in a while. And I'm not talking about bringing back castmembers from New York and Los Angeles. Although that would be great, I can't see Julie (New York) and Aaron (Los Angeles) agreeing to come back for these Challenges, put some new blood on these casts.

What are your tips? Leave a comment and tell us what you'd like to see in the next season of the Challenge.


Marcus - Michigan said...

I would love to see some of the old greats from pass challenges show up....have a true Old vs New challenge. Get Coral, Rachel, Veronica, Tonya, Emily, Ruthie, etc. and get some of the old guys to put Kenny, Wes, Evan, etc in their place. I also loved the idea of the duel, where ever if they got 'picked' in the picking order, anyone could be called out (except the winner of that challenge) to go into the duel. Or another Battle of the Sexes would be cool, the original way where they actually had points and you can see who was strong, and they gave out the 'ion lifesaver'.

So excited it got renewed, hope it is renewed for many more! Also please bring back Road Rules competitors, it's bad enough the show is no more, at least keep using them in the challenge!

Nate- Minnesota said...

i hope they do another season of fresh meat. A fresh meat 3 would be awesome

Anonymous said...

I would love to see people rely on their athletic abilites than their alliances.I wonder how Kenny,Johnny and Evan would do if they could not rely on anyone but themselves.Like Battle of the Sexes which was based on points.

Anonymous said...

there needs to be another battle of the sexes!!!!!!!