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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Are They Now? Road Rules Northern Trail

Airing in 1998, the fifth season of Road Rules brought six strangers together to weave their way through the Northern United States and parts of Canada. So, thirteen years later, what are Anne, Dan, Jon, Noah, Roni and Tara up to?

Anne Wharton (originally from Tempe, AZ; now residing in Manhattan Beach, CA): Anne is memorable for her bubbly personality, off-and-on-again relationship with Noah during the trip, and her quick romance with the doctor from the Emergency Room mission during her season. We've seen her twice since then, once in the Challenge and then in Battle of the Sexes. So, what is Anne up to now? She's currently working for Zoic Studios, a visual effects production company in Culver City, CA. You can check out her Facebook profile.

Dan Setzler (originally from Apple Valley, MN; now residing in Minneapolis, MN): Dan started a full-blown relationship with Tara during their season, culminating in an admission that the two had sex near the end of the trip. Dan appeared on three Challenges, even teaming up with Tara in Battle of the Seasons. But what is Dan doing today? Dan is currently living in Minneapolis, and sometimes performs as a musician at local bars in the Minneapolis area. You can also check out his Facebook profile.

Jon Holmes (originally from Boston, MA; now residing in Boston, MA): Who can forget Jon? From his quirky personality to his admission that the cast pissed him off during the whole trip, Jon was one of the most memorable of this season. Jon currently keeps busy as the editor and designer of Destructoid, a video game community. He's married and maintains his own blog at the website.

Noah Rickun (originally from Mequon, WI; now residing in Milwaukee, WI): Noah came to the season, looking for an adventure and was one of the most antagonistic of the cast. He pushed people's buttons, especially Anne's, but he was also well-liked in his season. Noah graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and went on to obtain his JD from Marquette University. He's currently married with two daughters and now works as a public speaker. Check out his public speaking profile and his Facebook.

Roni Martin (originally from Harlem, NY; now residing in Los Angeles, CA): Roni was the dancer/photographer from New York who was probably most remembered for calling out her cast when she perceived them being fake. Who can forget when she called out Tara and Dan, while Noah drove the RV? Roni is married, living in the Los Angeles area, and still works as a photographer.

Tara McDaniel Stern (originally from Chatsworth, CA; now residing in Los Angeles, CA): Tara, the unassuming sorority girl from UCLA, was most remembered for her relationship with Dan during her season. Although the two did not continue their relationship onto Battle of the Seasons, they still remain friends today. Tara currently is married, with children, and living in the Los Angeles area. Check out her Facebook profile.

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