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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Real World: Where Are They Now? Pam and Judd

Pam (San Francisco) and Judd (San Francisco) are the original Real World couple. They appeared on the Real World in 1994. Pam was a medical resident at the University of California, San Francisco. Judd was a struggling artist doing freelance work while in San Francisco. As the season progressed, Judd went on several dates, while Pam worked on her relationship with her boyfriend Christopher. While it was apparent that Pam and Judd shared a special friendship, the two never dated in the house.

Pam and Judd in 2009.
Viewers were surprised when Pam and Judd started dating after the show ended. While the show was airing, fellow castmember Pedro passed away from complications of HIV/AIDS. Both Pam and Judd were at Pedro's side during most of those final days. A relationship eventually blossomed.

In August 2001, Pam and Judd married in San Francisco. Currently, the couple still lives in San Francisco. Judd writes for DC Comics. He's currently the writer and illustrator for Batwing, the first iteration of an African-American Batman and the Catwoman series. Judd previously worked on the Green Lantern series, in which he was noted for introducing HIV positive characters. Pam works with UCSF in various different capacities. She teaches as a professor at the university and has kept up with regular medical publications.

The couple have two children.


Stacye Johnson said...

This is when The Real World was worth really was " the real world"...unlike the crap now, models having drunken sex in hot tubs daily,..not exactly my real world. I moved most of this cast dearly, especially Judd & Pam for who they were as young people, standing with Pedro against Puck & being by his side when he was dying. I was thrilled when I heard they were together. I knew watching the show they were made for each other. They were admirable then & have remained so, continuing to stay active on AIDS issues. I'm so happy they are still together. With them asnparents I bet their kids are amazing. I really miss shows like this...come on MTV, get real again!!! Your programming sucks! Exploiting teen sex is all you do now..MTV used to be revolutionary...great music & programs that inspired, educated & helped teens. Now you exploit, degrade & sensationalize them, especially sexually. You have become disgusting & I'm ashamed of you. Learn from Judd & Pam. Be Real!!!

Anonymous said...

Pedro died after the RW-SF season ended